Young, Ginormous and Legendary: Our interview with Peyton Thomas

Welcome back to BewbieReviews. I know it has been quite a while since we’ve seen each other. Kind of embarassing that I haven’t written to you readers for over a month now.  I do apologize, but life finds a way of getting in the middle of your fun.

Anyway, let us move on to another thrilling interview! This time with the lovely 18 year old Peyton Thomas. For almost the last 8 months, you’ve heard me go on and on about Peyton. From the first time I saw those massive N cup breasts modeling for Sarah Rae and, I knew I was hooked.

Peyton is always fun and cheery to talk to especially on twitter, and she’s always up for sticking her N cups in smaller bras just for teasing purposes. This interview was a long time in the making, and actually should have been posted by now. I went through a stretch of time where I didn’t have a lot of time to post things, and Sexcraftboobs posted their interview around the time when I wanted to post mine. Out of respect for him, I waited, but me and Peyton have been playing email tag since April.  So now, without further ado, I present my interview with Peyton Thomas!


BB:  State your name and bra size at current.

PT:  My name is Peyton Thomas.. I currently wear a 40 N, although I’m sure I’m bigger, as I cant fit in my bras anymore.


BB:  At what age did you start developing? Was it all at once, or would you call yourself a late bloomer?

PT:  I started developing around age 9. I wouldn’t say it was all at once, but I skipped training bras, and A cups and went straight to wearing a B cup!

BB: As with anyone with a large bust, there is probably a mix of good and bad things to go along with it. Would you agree with that?

PT: There are definitely good things and bad things that come with having bigger boobs. For one, it eventually does have a toll on my back. Not as much so as it used to when i was DDD, which is odd because they’ve obviously grown since then, but standing for long periods at a time hurt it. I love the attention though. Always have. When i was younger, i loved wearing skimpy clothes and walking down the main streets in my home town, and watching mens reactions.


BB: When did you decide to start camming? What factors played into that decision?

PT:  I was actually 17 when i first started camming. Another girl who cammed taught me the ropes. It was an easy way to make money, and at the time it was the most convenient way to do so.

BB:  I first heard of you about six months ago when you were posing for shots on, and it seems like it’s been a meteoric rise ever since. How do you feel about your growing popularity?

PT: its very exciting as well as nerve wracking to be becoming so popular. I never wanted to be famous. even as a child, i never dreamed of being a celebrity because i knew what came with it. I never wanted to go out in public, and people recognize me, which seems to be happening more and more frequently lately. But its kind of scary. Its becoming harder to keep my business and personal life separate.


BB: Away from camming or filming for a second. Can you describe a perfect day for Peyton Thomas?

PT: My idea of a perfect day is sleeping in, getting ready and then shopping. I absolutely love shopping. i always have. Doesn’t matter what im buying, I love it. After i got done shopping, i usually like to get a pizza and cuddle up in bed with a good book or netlfix, depending on my mood.

BB: Recently you joined Twitter again. How has that been working out for you?

PT: Rejoining twitter has been a great experience. I love being able to be in touch with my fans, and hear what their opinions of me are. Although it can get kind of tiring keeping up with all that social media.


BB: You’ve graced the pages of quite a few blogs and websites. Can you tell us what goes into your decision making for whom you want to shoot for?

PT:  Honestly it doesn’t matter to me who i shoot for. I’m young and money hungry. So as long as there is money involved, count me in! and it seems that most people post things about me without my knowledge. Pictures, and blogs and whatnot. Most likely if you see something that was posted about me before May 2015, it was not me!

BB: Reading your twitter bio, it says that you’re a hardcore/softcore model. Does that mean hardcore is in your future?

PT:  Yes i plan on doing more hardcore in the future 🙂 i enjoy working with other people. It takes all the pressure off of me!


BB: Have you ever thought about having your own website, or is twitter just enough right now?

PT: I’ve definitely thought of doing my own website. But it takes money to do that sort of thing, and im not even sure where I’d begin. Besides, I can barely keep up with updating twitter!

BB: I know I asked earlier about the mix of good and bad things to go with having such a huge chest, but can you give an example of a time that it worked out for good?

PT: Well I suppose it worked out good for the career path i chose, didn’t it? haha I enjoy doing what i do, and without these ginormous titties it wouldn’t be possible!

BB: Who has been your favorite to shoot with/for?

PT: I don’t really have a favorite! ive honestly enjoyed every company ive modeled for so far. They are all very kind, and make me feel comfortable.


BB: What’s next for Peyton Thomas? Anything you care to divulge with us just yet?

PT:  I have a shoot coming up with plumper pass, and yesboobs very soon! im sure ill have more in the future. so definitely stay tuned!

BB: Where all can we keep up with you on the web? (Blogs, sites, etc.)

PT:  As of right now, i only post on Twitter @PeytonThomas15 and also on reddit under beautyash. however you can always find me on,, and

BB: Thanks for your time, Peyton!




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