Roundup: New from Codi Vore and Liza Biggs!

Welcome to another week! It’s Monday, so it’s time to check in with our favorite Big Boob website, YesBoobs!

This week, we have two jam packed updates that are overflowing with content! Soon, you’ll understand why I used words like jam and overflowing. Anyway, on with it!


Codi Vore: Dress to Impress (video)

We begin this weeks’ update with the same lady we started last week’s update with: Codi Vore. You may recall we had a few photos from her set with YesBoobs, but little did we know they dropped a video from it! In the vid, Codi starts by telling us she’s got a very hot date planned, and she wants to wow him with some sexy lingerie. Now normally this isn’t an issue for Codi, but in her own words, she’s got some gigantic tits that are refusing to stay in anything she puts on. She tried on quite a few sets, but nothing fit quite right. Finally Codi decides to just wing it. What do we mean by wing it? Well, you’ll just have to see for yourself over on the site!


Liza Biggs: Liza’s Tight Bras (Photos)

Liza Biggs makes her return to YesBoobs and her J cups are spilling out of some fantastic bras. Her massive boobs can barely be contained by the ill-fitting C cup bra. I’m sure there’s video to be posted soon, and I can’t wait to see what else YesBoobs and Liza have in store!



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