Vendetta Gold answers fans’ questions during #AskVendetta

About a month ago, I was on twitter just doing the usual. Retweeting, promoting, etc.. if you’re on twitter, you know what you know about it.

Anyway. My good friend Jeff (@zombiesandboobs) pointed me in the direction of young lady by the name of Vendetta Gold. Mind you, this was the same day we discovered Tabatha (@LaBuffette) and interviewee Annie Aplenty (@AnnieAplenty). Vendetta instantly blew me away with her red hair and her gratuitous amounts of cleavage. We DM’d back and forth and she asked about our site features. To make a long story short, we started a partnership. We bounce ideas off each other and such. One such idea she had was #AskVendetta. A hashtag for the sole purpose of getting to know her better. And now I present some great examples of questions to ask and ones answered!

“What’s your favorite thing to do away from twitter?” -@incredibleglory

On if she has any tattoos:

When asked if she could make out with any woman, who would it be:

Then she got a bit literal in her answer:

Oh, and then there was this softball question I threw out there about Lingerie:

All in all, it was a great turnout! To see more questions and responses, check out Vendetta Gold on twitter @VendettaGold, and stay tuned here for more updates!

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