Velma Voodoo and her Amazing Assets Are Here to Rule 2018

Sometimes it’s all about how you find someone.

A few nights ago, one of my followers retweeted this tweet:

So, genuinely I was curious. I RT’d too late, so the first goal was down. The reward, however, was still worth it.

Maybe she is just like her name, a voodoo artist. Guaranteed to draw you in. Whether it be the pinup style hair, the pierced nipples or the plump lips, Velma has something for everyone out there. And we haven’t even reached the second half of her body.

You ready? You might wanna sit down if you’re not already.


As listed in her Twitter bio, Velma is a 34D-38-53.

53 inches is PAWG territory, and Velma knows and loves it. We chatted back and forth recently and I’d like to share some of that conversation with all of you.

Behind her name:

“When I think of words that resonate with my image, I wanted to conjure the mysterious and magical, artfully crafted imagery that voodoo brings to the table. The name was magic to me. When I was 18, i got a tattoo of papa legba on my back.

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This was 5 years before “velma voodoo” was created. He’s kind of like my buddy. Watching my back so to speak.”

On when she decided to become a model:

“A little before the winter of 2016, I was an active kinkster in the portland community. I went by a different name (cinni bunda) and was also an ssbbw. I have always been an avid body positive supporter, and my goal was to use my body to fight stigma and shame, and to promote my message that you can be overweight but still active. And my journey has brought me down 70 lbs, but that doesn’t take away from my message that every body has value and everybody can be included in that.”


On how long she’s been getting compliments about her assets:

“I’ve been admired a good deal ever since i was out of highschool. Back then I thought I’d die a virgin. (laughs)”


Plans for 2018 and beyond:

“I will be at Denver exxxotica for April 2018! Right in time for my 24th birthday. At this time I’m moving more towards independent production, camming, and even a music project. I hope to get into the burlesque scene up here in portland, and expand past mainstream bbw porn, into more creative artsy ventures. Expect costumes, bad dragons, and more storylines for 2018!”


She also plans to work with the Cupcake girls, a group based in Portland but she met them in Las Vegas. Velma also offers custom videos, and those customs start at $3.50 per minute. She really loves doing customs and will honor all fetishes as long as they’re not harmful to you or her. For more information, you can email her at:

She plans on doing a few more RT games, so be on the lookout for those and some goodies.

Here’s a list of places and links you can find her at. She’s also done work with JeffsModels, a site where she has almost 10 scenes to her credit.


And as always, stick around here! We’ll have more with Velma soon!

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