Tumblr Spotlight: The Mystique of Dejaentedevil


About a year or so ago, I was surfing tumblr and I came across a topless photo. Of course you’re always gonna see topless photos hanging around if you’re running an NSFW tumblr,  and of course there was no caption because along the way it got deleted. But I was interested in finding the main source.

And that’s when I found the Devil.



The quiet but confident 23 year old has been a bewbieblog fixture for almost a whole year, even at times submitting to us. It’s always welcome, and her photos always make a lot of noise (good noise of course) on the blog.

Measuring up at a 38DDD, Deja isn’t afraid to show off her curves. From her boobs to her butt, Deja has it. And she flaunts it.



As you may have seen me mention on twitter, you can get Deja’s snapchat! It’s a one-time only $13 payment, or you can get it if you purchase something off of her wishlist. You can find her wishlist on tumblr. She is also running a snapchat photoset deal, which you can ask her about on tumblr as well. Here are a few samples of what you can expect on snapchat:

   tumblr_nogcr5eeG41smf70mo2_400     tumblr_nogcr5eeG41smf70mo1_400


Of course if you abuse your privileges, you will lose them.  Do pay attention to everything Deja says about her snapchat. I’d hate to see it stopped because someone does something stupid.

You can check out Deja here, and give her a follow!

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