Talore Made: My Evening with Brandy Talore

From time to time here on Bewbie Reviews, we like to look back.

A lot of people say that given the situation, looking back is a bad thing.

I’m going to take you back to my teenage years.  It’s around 2005, and BangBros is kind of like the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to porn, or at least online porn. At the time, I didn’t really know what I liked. All I knew was that porn made me feel good. But what I would see that day transformed me mentally. I saw Brandy Talore for the first time. She was “new” to BangBros, but had been around with companies like SCORE and other big boob outlets. I fell in love instantly after seeing her face and her huge boobs. And she wasn’t afraid at all to show that she loved her huge boobs too. I kept up as well as I could with her scenes, until she took a little break in 2011. I was disappointed, but I knew it was probably for a good reason.

Fast forward to 2017. I found out Brandy is on Twitter. Sometimes you have to be careful with who you follow on Twitter, because some people are posing as others online. But this was the real deal. A few months later, Brandy announced the Titfuck Tour, or as its known as “Brandy Talore Tit Fucks Across America”. A little insight into the tour: It’s open to her fans, sort of her way of giving back to them for the support over the years. To be in the shoot, it’s $500, and you do have the option to have your face censored out. You also now have the option to make it a solo video with your direction. It’s only available for viewing on her OnlyFans site. I was one a few to hope and pray that she stopped in Baltimore. Not that I had a chance in hell of tit fucking her, but because it would give me an opportunity to meet one of my all time favorite porn stars. She obliged, and she was here in the DC and MD area around the end of the month. When the time got near, I paid my initial deposit and that locked me in at least.


As the days crept closer and closer, I couldn’t get the idea of meeting Brandy out of my mind. Her breasts are much bigger now than they were about 10 years ago. And I didn’t mind that one bit. When it was finally time to show up, I was early. A little sweaty and my heart was racing. But when she opened the door, it honestly felt like I’ve known her forever, almost like a friend. We got to talking, and she was kind enough to let me take some photos of her for the blog, and even for her onlyfans site. She also was nice enough to do an interview with us, which will be transcribed below:


BB: I know you went away for a while, but how does it feel to be back?

BT: Well I stopped shooting hardcore scenes in 2011 and then I was doing webcamming trying to figure out what I was going to do. Then I shot for BangBros and did an OnlyFans site slowly trying to do my own thing, which I love. Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting for BangBros, and everyone keeps pushing me to shoot with companies again, but I don’t want to shoot with companies. If I wanted to shoot a hardcore scene, I could hire a male talent. There’s no money in it anymore, unless you’re a new girl. For me to do something like that would make no sense.

BB: And with OnlyFans, it means you can shoot on your own time.

BT: Yeah, and I’m thinking about getting something started with BrandyTaloreVIP again (her first site), cause it’s been sitting idle for too long. But I don’t want to take away from OnlyFans, because it’s literally only the fans. It’s really low priced, easy and accessible. That’s why the homemade videos that I do are for a homemade site. It’s so basic and simple.

BB: I know we talked about this a few weeks ago on twitter, what’s it been? Almost 15 years in the industry?

BT: Oh my God, yeah. I would say it’s been about 15, I started around 21, 22 years old, so yeah 15.

BB: What made you get into the industry?

BT: Well, when I first started I was like 17 or 18. I did this modeling contest for the Gap. It was like the internet before it was really huge. It was like this online ad thing and I sent my pictures in and I didn’t win or anything but a photographer from SCORE saw my pictures from it. They were trying to get me to shoot, but I was underage at the time. And so I finally did a shoot with them, figured that was it. Just nude stuff. And they were like ‘Oh well we know these people’ so I went out to LA to shoot. I never intended to be a porn star. Or else I would have changed my name. (laughs)

BB: What’s the best thing about doing the Tit Fuck Tour?

BT: Well, I wanted to do the Tit Fuck Tour because everyone else does a Fuck-a-Fan, because I was the girl with natural boobs and it’s like my thing. I was always good at it and I always loved it. And I love it because it’s my own thing. No one can really copy. Some could, but it would never be the Brandy Talore type thing. It’s a pretty rare thing. I’ve done some BJ stuff and I want to add a couple of things, I want to do live shows but for the most part it’s my own thing. It’s not the same typical thing and it’s different from everyone else.

BB: If you could tell your younger self something that you’ve learned in the 15 years since you started, what would it be?

BT: On the life aspect? Do more. Because back then I was just all about work. I would go to LA, shoot and do nothing. Now i’m taking the time to touristy stuff, sightseeing, kind of taking it all in this time and remember all the people and places I went. Business wise? I would have been a little pickier in what I shot. Back then we would just shoot. It was more glamorous and we were being hired all the time. There were some scenes were you could just tell I was exhausted or not into it. As if I was just going through the motions or if it was the 7th scene that week. It’s greedy to say, but I wished that every scene could have been my best performance. I’d also tell myself that it’s not gonna last forever and to make them all great.

BB: Anything you have planned other than the tour?

BT: No. Well as my mom tells me, “You can’t do this job forever”, and i’m like watch me! I look so young.

BB: I’d of never guessed that you’re 36.

BT: (laughs) I think I’ll always do something of this job. Like the tour idea just came up while I was sitting around one day, and said maybe I should try this. I thought I may get two or three bookings and that’d be the end of it. But it’s taken on a life of its own. So when this stops or gets boring there’s going to be something else. I would like to keep this going for like 4 more years of traveling and doing my own thing. I’d like to do my own thing like a “BrandyCam”, but all within Onlyfans because I’m loyal to them.

BB: Well, that’s all I’ve got!

BT: Thank you for all the good questions!

Brandy will be back in the area in mid-april and there’s a chance we’ll get to work together again! Until then, enjoy a few photos I took of Brandy, and look for the rest and of course the BTTFAA tour videos on her only fans! $15 a month gets you an inside peek at what she’s been up to lately! Till next time, Bewbie out!





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