Skye High: Our Interview with Cameron Skye

This weeks’ Between the Bewbies finds us looking at the Skye. Bad pun, I know.  I first found Cameron through an ad for (of course) and a few photos from Scoreland. We’ve built a friendship on twitter, and she approached me about wanting to do an interview. Of course I obliged! And now I present our interview with Cameron Skye.



BB: Can you give us your measurements?

CS: 48-33-41

BB: When did you start to develop? Was it a slow process, or did it happen all in one growth spurt?

CS: I was 10 when my breasts started to grow.  I’d say it’s been slow, they just keep getting bigger.

BB: What got you into camming?

CS: I started last summer kind of on a whim.  I bought a webcam and just thought I’d try it out since so many other models are so successful with it. 

BB: What got you into modeling?

CS: I started just modeling for nude and erotic pictures for my husband.  He ended up setting up a Model Mayhem profile for me.  I started getting more and more requests to model, and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity.


BB: Which one do you have more fun doing, camming or modeling?

CS: I love them both!  They are both so different, but fun in their own ways.  I love the immediate feedback and interaction with my fans from camming.  I also love getting dressed up and being in front of the camera to model.  I don’t think I’d pick one over the other.  

BB: You’ve done some modeling for Scoreland. What is it like to work with them?

CS: Yes, I loved it!  Working for Scoreland is so much fun!  I love being the center of attention, and they certainly know how to make a girl feel like that.


BB: Have you thought about having your own website?

CS: Yes, definitely!  I’ve been editing content for my clips4sale store, so I’ll be opening that soon.  And I’m sure I’ll do a website eventually.  

BB: What’s a normal day like for you?

CS: Wake up, go to the gym.  During the school year I go to class or study through most of the day, then take a nap.  After dinner I sign in to cam.  Once I’m done camming I like to watch TV or read to unwind, then bed.

BB: How do you prepare for shoots? Camshows?

CS: It totally depends on the shoot.  In advance, I usually buy new lingerie and outfits.  On the day of the shoot sometimes I just shower and show up if hair and makeup are provided.  Otherwise, I’ll style my hair and makeup myself for the shoot.  To get ready for a camshow, I set up my camera and lights, wash my toys, and touch up my hair and makeup.  

BB: Name a hobby most people wouldn’t think you have.

CS: I’m a total MMA junkie.  I’m starting to train in Mui Thai and Jui Jitsu.  

BB: How can new fans reach you online?

CS:The easiest place to find me online is on Twitter @Cameron_Skye_ or on Streamate

    I’m also a comic book character,

Thanks again, Cameron!

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