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Howdy folks, we’re back with another site review.  Hope you’re ready to work up a sweat.

This week’s review is Linda is on twitter at lindasteelehot1.  I talked with Linda in early February before the site launched, and she was really excited to share information about the site. I’ll post a few tidbits as we go along.

The price: $9.99

I’m gonna be honest with everyone, I did not expect this site to be so cheap in price, especially with the quality of the videos and photos, which I will delve into in a bit. Now $9.99 doesn’t just pay for photos and videos. It’s a fitness site as well, so you’re getting different workouts to try, help with meal prep, and video examples of almost everything. I’m gonna go ahead and let you know now. It’s not a porn site, however there are a few treats along the way.


Photos and Videos

What you will notice as soon as you log in, there are two choices. Kind of like the red or blue pill in the matrix.

Screenshot 2016-03-25 at 10.46.59 PM

There’s Linda’s Exclusive Images and Linda’s Exclusive Videos.

In Linda’s Exclusive Images, you will see these headings:

Screenshot 2016-03-25 at 10.49.55 PM

Fitness, Modeling, NSFW, Food and Fashion. Each photo set contains at least 35-50 photos. In the NSFW folder, you will find pure gold if you follow Linda on twitter. There are bikini and hand bra photos. Each photo prominently displaying her 32H breasts, whether in a bikini, chilling on a couch leaving nothing to the imagination, or in workout gear.

Video has almost the same setup. Now as of this writing, the only complete video gallery is the fitness section. There you will see exercises as performed by Linda in her own gym. There is a NSFW section, but as of this writing there is nothing in there. However, there is some coding in there which leads me to believe videos are to come.

Verdict: 4 out 5 Bewbs

Once all of the videos are posted, I’ll more than likely do another review of the site. Love what I have seen so far, as you will see Linda’s most candid moments away from the gym. She is a woman who loves her body and her athletic build. She’s also a huge hockey fan, Blackhawks to be exact. You will see a lot of Linda in the upcoming months, as she  has a lot in store for everyone for 2016. The best is yet to come, as she has told me you can expect some real hot stuff on the way. For $9.99 it’s not a bad deal, especially with a chance to see the site grow. Some fitness related sites could run you anywhere from $20 to $30, so in the grand scheme is a steal! Enjoy a few pics of Linda from her twitter:


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