ScienceMilf and Her Breast Expansion Experiment

A few days ago, I was looking at one of my go-to sites for one of my favorite fetishes: Breast Expansion. I share that fetish with a few models out there like Sarah Rae and ElleTheBelle from mfc.

I then stumbled upon someone great: the ScienceMilf.

ScienceMilf is on Reddit mostly, with a little bit of tumblr interspliced. Now you’re probably wondering, what does she do differently than most models? Well, look no further than this gif for more evidence.

My Video Gif (35)

You’re probably thinking “Oh, that’s totally photoshopped… there’s no way that someone could grow just like that.” Well, i’m here to dispel that notion.  What you see above is a time lapse. OVER 8 HOURS.  Through lactation,  Ms. Sci’s boobs grow almost hourly. And the cool thing is, she isn’t even pregnant. There are ways to trick your body into making it think there’s a baby to make milk for, and Ms. Sci has used it for her gain.  In that gif, that’s only one boob over an eight hour period. The other one was emptied each time.

If that gif isn’t enough proof for you,  and if you’re into the lactation fetish too, enjoy some clips:

As you can see, that’s the end result of what happens when she saves up all day. A mess in the making.

She’s even up to making messes during fun time, too.

If you wanna see more, ScienceMilf has plenty of options for you to see her on.




And soon we’ll have her on for an interview! So stay tuned!

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