Samanta Lily May Just #BreakTheInternet with these latest selfies

In December of last year, Kim Kardashian covered Paper Magazine. Well she was uncovered, so to speak. The object of the article and pictorial was Paper’s attempt at sending the internet into a frenzy. For the most part it achieved exactly what the magazine was looking for.

Fast forward about six months. Samantha Lily may be a contender for 2015’s prize.


The above selfie, or chestie or whatever you wanna call it was posted on May 12th, with the caption of “I can barely see my feet.”  With 32J breasts, it’s easy to see why. This photo only served as foreshadowing for a few future photos from Sam.


If a bra could barely contain her gigantic chest, just imagine what a handbra looks like.  Fret not, Sam has you covered not once but twice in the past 48 hours.

sambreak1  sambreak3

Now that’s maximum strength boobage. You know it’s a lot of boob when you’re on the verge of breaking through your own handbra. You could get lost for hours in Sam’s cleavage. I’m quite sure you wouldn’t mind one bit.





Of course, who doesn’t mind a nice mirror selfie? We get all of Sam’s wonderful body, and even a look at those wonderful eyes.

So we’re in agreement that Sam is the leader in the clubhouse for breaking the internet, right?

Any questions? No? Didn’t think so.

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