Princess Pumpkins Nominated for SCORELAND Newcomer of the Year

Recently Scoreland released their nominations for Newcomer of the Year, and we have a  friend of the family on the list in Princess Pumpkins.

It’s not surprising to see Pumpkins on the list. After all, she and her XL Implants have taken the world by storm.

As you know from a prior interview Pumpkins isn’t shy about how huge her tits are.

Growing up I’ve always idolized fake boobs, especially very large ones.

-Princess Pumpkins


In fact, since our last profile, she has increased from what was already an incredible 32R to a 32T. Of course since then, she has also appeared on Scoreland’s website 17 different times. In case you’re a numbers person, that’s 4 hours and 44 minutes worth of Pumpkins on video, and 566 pictures.

I mean, it’s kind of hard to focus when they’re right… there.

Fans love Raine. These are just a few of the comments from fans and even the head honcho over at Score:

When I first saw photos of Princess Pumpkins, she was dressed in one of her cleavage-busting tops. This girl really knows how to dress her big boobs.

-Elliot James


I interviewed Princess Pumpkins when she came to Miami for her first SCORE shoots, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. This is a girl who loves big tits as much as we do, and here’s another amazing thing about her: She’s only five-feet tall. She might be the ultimate slim ‘n’ stacker.

-Elliot James


Straight from heaven – Score – keep this girl comming back!

Princess is exactly what we need 🙂

-Scoreland Member

I would like to nominate this clip for best original score (no pun intended), because it is as enchanting as Princess Pumpkins herself. Beautiful music for a beautiful girl. 🙂

-Scoreland member Bowser


Pumpkins says her underboob is the best part of having huge boobs. We’re not going to argue with her.

Pumpkins is also a member of the elite 20 club. The 20 club is for ladies whose bust size is 20 inches larger than their waist. With a 50-28-43 measurement line, Raine joins the list with select company: SaRenna Lee, Lolo Ferrari, Toppsy Curvey, Lisa Chest, Wendy Whoppers, Letha Weapons, Tawny Peaks, just to name a few.

Those windows just got dirtier.

Pumpkins is up against some tough competition but she’s got the biggest bust to pull out. She’s up against Codi Vore, Bambi Blacks, Erin Star, Helen Star, Ariiane St Amour, Lara Jones, Tia Clegg, Natascha Sweet and Paige Turner.


Forget a booty twerk, Pumpkins has the moves up front.

After all these gifs, you’re probably wondering “Well, he hasn’t told me how I can vote yet!” Well, reader, here is how you can vote:

There are two ways you can do this:

1 (and possibly the easiest!): Become a SCORELAND member. You can become a member for as low as $2.99. If you just wanna vote for Pumpkins and get out of there, that’s your safest bet, but there are 1000s of videos of 1000s of busty women, so you might wanna stick around a little longer. YOU MUST VOTE IN ALL CATEGORIES FOR YOUR BALLOT TO COUNT!

2: You can email or mail in your selections in. Just follow the instructions on this photo. Alternatively, go pick up the latest edition of SCORE to get the ballot to mail in.


It’s that simple! Go vote for Pumpkins and we’ll find out our winners within the next few months!


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