Poetry Travis Returns to Social Media

After deleting her instagram page, Poetry Travis has returned… to Twitter.

If you’re not familiar with Poetry, she’s gained popularity over the past few years for her curves… her great curves. She hasn’t been afraid to show them off, but the times she has have been few and far between. With good reason. Poetry’s boobs are what we would call, well, massive. And they’re massive on a slim frame. Her ass is great too.

Earlier this year, she started her own nude and boudoir photo site, a membership site where you’ll see exclusive photos and be up close with the mega boobed wonder. But before you start soliciting her ideas for porn or hardcore actions, she wants you to know the site will NOT be used for that, nor the custom content that she is offering to make for fans.

For those interested in joining her site, it’s thepoetrystudios.clubΒ 

And for those interested in custom content, email her at prettyinpinkpoetry@gmail.com


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