Our Little Lady Kimmie Goes Kaboom! Our Interview with Kimmie Kaboom.

Welcome to another edition of Between the Bewbies, the first of which here on Bewbie Reviews! Today’s interviewee actually approached me about wanting to be  interviewed, and I was more than happy to grant that request. An hour later, here we are. So without further ado, here’s our interview with Kimmie Kaboom.

BB: Where did the name Kimmie Kaboom come from? Any time I hear it, I cant help but be reminded of the old Animaniacs character Katie Kaboom.

KK: My hubby @MrDarrellKaBoom helped with that one. It was originally thought up for my pin up modeling and came along into porn. Yes, I can be a little Katie kaboom at time..LOL and yes, I know who Katie kaboom is…lol

BB: How long have you been modeling?

KK: “modeling” off and on all my life. Porn “modeling” almost a year.

BB:  When did you realize that you wanted to model? Was it a thing you thought about for a while, or did you have help in your decision making?

KK: In reference to doing porn, I really didn’t know I wanted to. My hubby (a long time score fan) sent in some pics to them and it just took off from there. We had NO IDEA how well I would be received, we are very happy and appreciative for all the love and support!

BB: How much fun has it been running your own website now? I mean if it’s fun at all?

KK: Well “I” is actually a “we” we have an amazing webmaster @fetishontheweb and my hubby takes all the photos and videos for the site. It is definitely a team effort but we love it!

BB:  What’s a normal day for the Kaboom’s? Away from filming or camming.

KK:  Well porn keeps us pretty busy 😉 but I’m a car chick and of course my hubs is into cars too. I have a 1989 Mustang GT we are currently restoring.

BB: What has been your favorite part of modeling so far?

KK:  Wow, I don’t know if I can pick just one. I love meeting my idols, the fans (who are awesome) and being shown love and support!

BB: You’ve worked with some big names sites and people, who’s been your favorite to work with so far?

KK: Yes, I have had great opportunities to work with both Plumperpass & Score’s XL Girls. They are really 2 different type companies and I love them both for different reasons. 🙂

BB: I know on twitter we talked about personality and people not wanting to ask for help. My question for you is, how do you stay so calm and down to earth?

KK: Because I am.. LOL seriously I wouldn’t have any of this “popularity” if it wasn’t for the fans of my work. I really try to cross promote or offer advice as I was given by favorites Maria & Sam.

BB: What’s the best fan interaction you’ve ever had?

KK:  I guess when we were in NOLA, they were awesome! Showed lots of love and patience while doing meet & greets.

BB: Anything new on the horizon or can you divulge about it yet?

KK: Well we will be at BBWCON (JULY) by the way hope you voted for me…LOL no really I do…LOL. We will be visiting Fetishcon in August, and hopefully a booth at Exxotica NJ in November! Plus hope to have a big announcement in a couple days. So stay tuned.

(You can vote for Kimmie and others here!)

BB: How can new fans reach you on the web?

KK:  The website is kimmiekaboom.com Everyone can take a FREE tour and watch intro clip at this link Get Ready for the boom! Kimmie Kaboom!

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BB: Thank you for your time Kimmie!
KK: Thanks Sweets! XOXO
Stay tuned to Bewbie Reviews for more Kimmie comming soon!

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