One of this Summer’s Hottest Free Agents Might Just Be Jasmine Summers

In sports, other than the actual season itself, free agency is always fun to watch. You can see your favorite players join or leave your team.

But in porn, free agency is a little different. Most, but not all mainstream porn stars have a management company backing them. Bobbi Dylan is just one of a few names that come to mind when you think of a free agent.

On June 22nd, after a few days of  deliberating whether or not to leave the industry, Jasmine Summers announced on twitter that she decided to become a self booker.


There’s a lot that goes into self booking. As Jasmine admitted in the above tweet, you kind of have to know some people or be good with some companies to even scratch the surface with getting gigs. It’s the equivalent of representing yourself in court. But like all things in life, there’s a 50% chance that this goes right.

And today, we’re gonna help it go right.

Jasmine is so versatile in the industry. She’s one of maybe a few porn stars out there that is “straight for pay”. As she’s stated many times on twitter, she is a lesbian. But that hasn’t stopped her from conquering some of the biggest cocks in the industry.

She’s currently available in LA for the following types of shoots: GG, BG, BGG, VERY FIRST CREAMPIE AND IR, solo, orgy (here’s looking at you for two of the last three, Dogfart…)

Jasmine is a wonderful porn star, and even better person outside of the industry. Always willing to listen and always great to her fans. It’s time that we, as her fans, start paying it forward and helping her to succeed! We almost watched her walk away from this too early, and it’s our job to make sure we keep a bright star in her rightful place in the sky.

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