News and Notes for 1/8/17

Hey everyone! Here’s your news and notes for today:

As most of you know, the ManyVids awards start on Wednesday the 10th. So far this what we know about who is running for what, and what deals they will be offering for the contest:


  • Princess Shaye (@fdprincessshaye on twitter) is running for Ass of the Year and Cosplay of the Year. She’ll be doing an offer where a $150 paid vote will get you all of her content plus shoes, socks or panties.



  • Kezia420 is running for Rising Star of the Year. After a flurry of a summer, Kezia has settled comfortably within the top 150. No details as of yet as to what she’ll be offering, but if we get any news we will pass it along.


  • Daytona Hale announced on twitter earlier that she’s running for Boobs of the Year, which if you’ve seen Daytona it’s a no-brainer. No idea what she’ll be offering, but the past few weeks on her snapchat she has been telling fans to save up for the MV Awards. If you haven’t yet read why she’s one to watch in 2018, click here.



  • In non MV Awards news, Corii Siren and multiple models are participating in the A-Z of Pornography. I’ve noticed that there are some pretty interesting content ideas that start with A, and I’m sure as the next 26 weeks continue on, we’lll see a lot of interesting content. Currently Corii is running 25% off her MV memberships during that period.


That’s all we’ve got today. If you or anyone you know have news tell them to email me at

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