New at YesBoobs: Melody Meadows, Sarah & Harlow Oil Up, Samanta Lily and More!

You may remember over on that I advertised really really really heavy. You may also remember I told you the breast was yet to come.  I don’t like to lie, so of course I meant it. Here’s a roundup of the last three updates to the site:

Latest photoset: Lounging with Melody

Since this is the first time I’ve found out about Melody, I’ll let the good folks over at YesBoobs give a brief synopsis:

Check out this 18 year old with 36 double H boobs!
Melody had a fantastic time modeling for This is her modeling debut. She originally wasn’t sure if she could go through with it and got very anxious. Her boyfriend talked her into it, stating how hot he thought it would be to know that other guys are jacking off to her huge, natural tits. We have a boob measuring video where we find out that Melody has been wearing ill-fitting DD cup bras when her boobs are really a HH. They have been causing her nipples to be sore at the end of a long day working. Melody is the girl next door. She has never been on webcam or in front of the camera. This is a first for her and also a first for Sarah Rae! Sarah’s never played with another girl’s boobs before. We have a video where Sarah & Melody oil up each others’ tits. It was a lot of fun and we can’t wait to show you more inside!
Melody is not on Twitter and does not cam.

It’s always good to see a new model on the scene. Melody really embodies what YesBoobs is all about. It was nice to read that she trusted the site enough to release her first set with them,  and it was also awesome that during the bra measurement video (that I can’t wait to see!) they were able to determine that Melody had been wearing the wrong size bra. As much as it seems like a nice fetish to look at, it can’t be much fun to be wearing the wrong size for the person who owns that chest. Sarah and company strike again!

Latest video:  Sarah Rae and Harlow Nyx oil up!

The biggest boobs in her town (Harlow Nyx) meet some of the biggest boobs around (Sarah Rae) in this fun and messy oil video.  Sarah asks Harlow why she got into modeling, and Harlow immediately goes to her all-natural 36G Cup breasts and answers with “I just have really big boobs and I needed to do something with them” and that no matter what job she worked at attention came to them. I admit, I’d be hard pressed to look away from a beauty such as Harlow.  Soon the clip transitions to a shower, where Sarah and Harlow pull out the baby oil. It’s messy, but the good kind of messy.  By the end, the massively chested pair are hanging their boobs over the outside of the tub for fun. A clip you can only see over at


Arousing Ashlie in “School Girl Double D’s!”

Friend of the twitter fam and the first ever model for Arousing Ashlie returns to the site in a lotion clip.  People do different things to end their school or work day. Ashlie comes home from a hard day of classes and massages her DD Cup boobs, in a lovely outfit and thigh-high socks. This 6 minute clip has it all: the lotioning, stripping, and an ending you just have to see to believe!


Samanta Lily in “White Lace”

Russian sensation and another friend of the family, Samanta Lily hooks up with YesBoobs.  It’s like a match made in big bust heaven. Meant to be, even. The photoset is like a Sears catalog, except no Sears catalog got this risque. Not even that one in 1996. Okay, I barely remember 1996. I’m rabbling. Anyway, Sam stuns us again. Everything about this set feels so natural. Not to say Sam’s work with PinupFiles hasn’t been amazing, but this set gives you an at home feeling. Great job by Sam and the good folks over at YesBoobs. I hear there is more to come, and i’m excited to see more.  There’s also a close to 10 minute video over on the site. If you can make it the entire ten minutes without exploding in your pants first, I salute you.

As always, if you wanna see more of YesBoobs, just click here, or you can click Sarah’s boobs on the bottom right.

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