New at YesBoobs: Codi Vore’s Wet T-Shirt (video)

Welcome back to BR. I told you all Monday that I’d check in again later this week, after viewing Codi Vore’s newest vid over at YesBoobs.

Things got wet.

Soaking wet.

It’s no secret that Codi has a ample chest. Maybe even more than ample. She knows you love them. She’s thinking about sharing them with you..

My Video Gif (79)

“Hey guys, I bet you wanna see my boobs. But I’m not gonna show you…” she says with a grin.

But fear not. In Codi’s modesty comes something maybe even better than naked boobs: The art of the tease.

Let’s add water. Just a smidge.

My Video Gif (80)

That’s a perfectly good top Codi is getting wet. Unbelievable. The person in charge of the hose must be the devil. (She’s totally not, word to Tegan Trex!)

My Video Gif (81)

Codi, have you had enough water for today? You’re soaked!

My Video Gif (82)

That top is mighty see-through now. We may have to give you another one.

My Video Gif (83)

You can never have too much fun with wet boobs.

My Video Gif (84)

Codi teases ever so well. Denying you the satisfaction of seeing those massive breasts topless. You’ll just have to deal with a sheer top.

My Video Gif (85)

In your face. Nothing you can do but just accept them as your new big boob overlords.

My Video Gif (86)

So close… yet so far away…

My Video Gif (87)

Water cascades down to her panties… and a hint of cleavage.


And that’s where we run out of gifs… To see the whole 5:45 vid, and 36 photos, join YesBoobs! Don’t delay! See Codi and other ladies right now! Signup takes less than two minutes and is well worth the price of admission!

UPDATE: Codi is selling those pink panties worn in this video! There is even the option to have her add some special goodies in with it. For more info, click here.

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