#MyTop10: Princess Pumpkins Selfies

A few months ago, we interviewed massive tittied babe Raine, aka Princess Pumpkins.  She’s been featured on Reddit and did her first topless pictorial with YesBoobs. If you need a refresher, Raine is a 32R cup. She achieved the size with 2000cc implants, and she never wanted the natural looking inplants. To make things simpler, she wants to be huge, and the 20 year old is still not done. A bump up to 2500ccs is coming in the summer months.

Until then, we asked Raine for her 10 favorite selfies, which she was happy to oblige with.  These are in no particular order, but if you have a favorite, comment below!

Keep looking out for updates from Raine on twitter, and part two of our interview where she’ll explain how you can help her get bigger is coming soon!

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