Melody Meadows Shines In Her Debut for YesBoobs!

A few days back you may have seen me post a review of the last few updates for our friends over at  I return today to review the video of Melody Meadows.



If you’ve never heard of Melody, don’t worry. She’s new to modeling. Anxious at first, Melody got a little help and inspiration from her boyfriend who told her how hot the thought of other guys jacking off to her huge natural breasts would be to him. Melody also originally thought she was a size DD in bras, but as shown in a future update on (Preview video is on the site), she has been wearing the wrong size for quite a while. After a proper measurement by none other than Sarah Rae, we come to find out that Melody is an HH Cup.  36 HH to be exact. Yes, bold and italicized for emphasis.

Now  in our featured review video, Melody can be seen in a black tank top and skirt. As the video progresses, Melody reveals more and more until she is totally topless. She then begins to massage those 36 HH boobs with some lotion. The clip features a lot of boob play, enough to make any big breast fan very happy and want more. Hand bras galore. You could never really tell that this is Melody’s first time on film, as she doesn’t cam or have a twitter.

As of right now, she’s another diamond picked out by the team over at YesBoobs, who work very hard to find you the best and bustiest out there. They take input from their fans, and they have awesome deals for joining. As low as $15 a month gets you some of the biggest breasts on the net, and exclusive videos and photos you won’t see anywhere else.  So join up with YesBoobs! Big and only getting bigger!

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