Layton Benton is really, really, really, ridiculously good at selfies.

Happy Titty Tuesday everybody.

The other night, I came to a grand conclusion. If you follow Layton Benton on twitter, you already know what I mean. Layton Benton takes some amazing selfies. Be they clothed or nude, Miss Benton slays in every photo. A few examples:

She once stated on twitter, “My boobs are massive and real.” I’m not gonna be the one to doubt that.  A few more examples. I know you all like examples.

I heard she likes being sneaky in the doctors office.  At least that’s what she said about the black bra photo.

Of course Miss Benton likes to keep everyone entertained.

But don’t just follow one of my favorites on twitter for the selfies, follow her for, well.. everything. She’ll keep you laughing and entertained very well. Maybe you already knew that.


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