Going for the Peak(s): Our Interview with Anna Bell Peaks

Another day, another quality interview! This one is with Pornstar/Cam Girl Anna Bell Peaks.

A little of a back story behind how I found out about Anna. In January, I was just surfing twitter per usual late at night. One of my followers told me to check out the profile of  a model who cammed on MFC. I can’t remember her original twitter name for the life of me now, but she’s on here there today as @AnnaBellPeaksXX. Anyway, a few weeks went by and I was finally able to see her live on MFC. I swear on this blog, that it was one of the greatest shows I have ever seen. She has a very good work ethic, which we get into in the interview.  She has since made her porn debuts with a few companies, including BangBros. So without further ado, here’s our interview with the always entertaining Anna Bell Peaks.


BB: So Anna, what is your bra size at current?

AP: 32G 🙂

BBHow long ago did you decide that you wanted to do modeling?

AP:  Well I guess December 2014 when I was approached by many people telling me to do it!

BB I have seen more than a few cam girls say that they never wanted to go into the industry, or if they did movies it would only be with their significant other. How did you make the decision to go at it full tilt?
AP: I love sex! Hehe. I know it seems like a big leap to some, to go from cam to full time sex on screen, but it wasn’t a big jump for me. Plus, more fans from any facet of the industry equals more opportunity to reach people with my work!
BBI know you have worked for some big name companies already. Who has been your favorite?
AP: OMG soooooo hard to choose! Everyone is fantastic! I loved working with bangbros and Brazzers and naughty America! But everyone is so so so great and the TALENT! Haven’t had a bad scene when it comes to the men who I “work” with  🙂
BB:  Back to camming for a moment. How much fun is it for you? Sitting in on one of your shows recently, I noticed you’re very interactive with the crowd.
AP:  I love camming. I get to know guys, I love the sexual banter we share and one of my favorite things to do is my random titty flashing for my friends! I mean if you aren’t having fun AND have a hard-on in my room, I’m doing something wrong!
BB: Any plans for your own website? That seems like the next logical step.
AP: In the works 🙂 when I have time….
BBWhen you’re not making clips, camming or filming, what is a normal day like for Anna Bell Peaks?
AP:  Haha… Wait are you talking about when I’m asleep???! When I take time off I’m busy being normal, you know grabbing groceries, dishes, laundry, taking care of my family and 3 dogs and 2 cats. I LOVE rock climbing and riding my Harley, and swear I don’t do either of them enough lol
BBThis is the first time I’ve ever asked this question. You get to make a scene from scratch. Who would you want directing it and who would you want to be your co-stars?
AP: Mmmmmmmm. Brazzers directs cause they make the best scenes with story lines and props. It would DEFINATELY have at least two male talents but not opposed to let’s say 4 or 5 hotties…. 😀 and throw in a girl with big tits for me to fondle and put my mouth on and I’m a HAPPY HAPPY woman! Talents…. Johnny Castle, Preston Parker, Mike Adriano, Chad White, Zandor Corvus…. Wait how may guys did I say I wanted again? 😉 Suddenly I’m distracted by the thought….
*editors note: um, can someone make that above scene happen cause.. damn.*
BBAny type of scene you haven’t filmed yet, but hope to do so in the future?
AP: Bbg would be fun, I am not opposed to handling two men and enjoying them both!
BB:  What’s next for you? Any cool things you can divulge on?
AP:  More scenes, more sex…I’d love to be the next great pornstar but that’s really all up to YOU and the viewers of porn now isn’t it 🙂
BB:  How can new fans reach out to you on social media?
@annabellpeaksxx on Twitter

AnnaBellPeaks on Instagram
I’m on Dreamlover, and you can purchase my snapchat ID when you watch me on MFC



Anna talked about becoming the next great pornstar. I’m under the belief she just might be next in line. Bubbly personality, down to earth and a high sex drive. Happy to call myself a fan of Anna, and I hope to see a lot more of her in the future. She’ll be shooting a fan sign over soon, so watch out for that update!

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