Exclusive Interview with DanniLynne

Our interview today is with the busty goddess DanniLynne.

If you’re not familiar with her, let us introduce her:

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DanniLynne measures in at a astounding 34G. Most of her fans tend to believe she’s bigger, and she’s inclined to believe them. “My growth started when I was around 8 years old. They have always been with me. I used to be skinny but still carried around a DD cup. As i’ve gotten older, they’ve filled out.” she explained.

Danni has been in the industry for almost 3 years now. You may have seen her on Scoreland, Reality Kings, and ATK Exotics, just to name a few. She recently started her own site, LoveDannilynne.com which is powered by ModelCentro. “It all started in 2014 when I answered an ad. I always liked taking pictures and they were in need of busty women.”

It’s no doubt that Danni is very busty. Maybe close to some of the biggest natural boobs in the industry. But that doesn’t mean it is all good things for her. “The best part is the same as the worst part” she said. “The attention. Sometimes it’s good and when guys are respectful, it’s nice. It’s bad though, when people think that’s all you are. I write, I love art, I’m a good lady and a confidant. I’m much more than just huge boobs.”

She’s a self described woman with passion. Someone who is from off the beaten path but wants to see the world.

As much as sometimes Danni can seem conflicted about the power of her boobs, she did have one funny anecdote to tell. “One time a famous comedian tried to take me home,” she said, “I was there with one of his friends and he straight up tried to take me. It was hilarious. He told his friend ‘Oh man, I mean you understand, look at those titties.’ and then proceeded to ask me to go, right in front of everyone. I think he wanted a little more than just quiet conversation. I didn’t go with him, but it was one of the funniest comedians in the world so I was taken aback.”

When you get past her breasts, Danni is a really genuine and sweet person. I have first hand knowledge in that. When you treat her well, she will treat you well. As someone striking out on their own to make content she is really appreciative of gifts and donations from her fans. “I’m just a good lady from L.A., I try to be a mix of sweet but also real.” she explained.

She also understands why not all models can be that way.

“It’s a lot to deal with.” she said. “We are still people and having so many people come at you sexually each day is daunting. So I understand.  I’m not like that though, but if you offend me I just won’t respond. Why act ugly, you know?”

As she touched on, there is the daunting task of flaunting her sexuality each day but she seems to enjoy the power she has over her legions of followers.

“It’s fun. I try not to abuse the power, but I do need a sugar daddy…” she laughed.

I was curious as to if she had been approached by any companies lately, or if she was concentrating on her site for the time being. It’s obvious that she wants to see LoveDannilynne.com thrive before taking on anything new.

“Folks have offered to shoot me in new scenes, but for right now i’m taking care of my site.” however she did give a glimmer of hope to anyone looking to work with her. “If a company wants to offer me a contract, I would think about it.” she said. “I really want to cultivate my brand and fan base.”

Danni also knows there’s money to be made out there by cutting out the middleman. “I have a video with a million hits out there. If that were cash, it would come directly to me. I also like it that way..” she laughed.

I asked her if she had a favorite scene she’s shot for her site yet, and she’s really proud of her recent outdoor scenes. She’s shot her vids in some of the outside locales in California. She is also posed in her famous yoga jacket.

And no, she’s not wearing a bra.

According to Danni, there’s more where that came from.

“I really enjoyed the locations. It was good shooting outside for once. If you’ve looked at any of my other videos, they’re all filmed inside, and i’m always outside in real life so it felt good to shoot outside.” When I told her I half expected her to pop one of her boobs out of her top at that point in the video, she offered me a simple explanation. “Believe it or not, there were people around.” she laughed. “It was really just me and the camera man sneaking around the beach.”

She loved the spontaneousness of it all. She said she’s open to doing more of it, but she knows there it can be dangerous to do so. “You have to be careful when you’re busty” she told me, “Its not like having regular boobs. People touch and grab and lose their mind.”

In an upcoming video, Danni visited Rodeo Drive and did more flashing late at night. A lot of it in front of some famous stores. She sent over a teaser clip from that scene. “The cops drove past a few times, but I always had my top up when they did. I just have to be careful and selective of where I do it.”


Enjoy the clip!

Danni says she has a lot in store for her fans in 2017 and beyond. “Just believe it’s gonna be a great year. Stay tuned!”

We thank Danni for her time and these exclusive scenes! Of course you can join LoveDannilynne.com for $20 during her opening sale! Hop to it if you like busty content!

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