Curves Aplenty: Our Interview with Annie Aplenty!

Happy Titty Tuesday everyone! What a better way to bring in Titty Tuesday than to feature Annie Aplenty.  About three weeks ago, I had a friend on twitter tell me about Annie, and from that moment on I was heavily hooked on Annie! Annie’s twitter feed is a little bit of everything. From humor to her clips, I think you’ll enjoy her very much. Enough talk though. Let’s get to her interview!


BB: Annie Aplenty, you sure do have plenty! What is your bra size?

AA: Well I wear 38 DD most days for the awesome cleavage & push-up support but my proper size is about 40 E!

BBWhen did you start to develop? Was it all at once, or was it over time?

AA: I felt like it took forever (I really wanted boobies lol) but realistically it happened when I was about 11ish & by the time I was in Jr high I had the biggest boobs out of all my friends! So quickly..

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BBHow long have you been modeling?

AA: I got into it a few years ago but was only doing it very part time, (under A different name) then had an injury that put me out for about a year and now I’m back (with a scar) but to stay!!

BBWhat’s your long term goal? Anything besides camming?

AA: I love to travel so if I can maybe do some traveling to meet other models & do shoots with them & for different sites etc etc.. 👍🏼 Just do things as the opportunities come to me, I am not trying to get super famous by any means but I’d still like to do some modelling/porn before I’m too old to do it lol!!



BBWhat’s a normal day like for you?

AA: Well having Daphne is like having a child so HECTIC lately!! Lol Daphne is my dog btw u can see her on my Twitter!! 😍  Otherwise, normal stuff, smoke weed, run errands, go to the dog park, go for coffee/lunch with friends, clean my house, tan, nap, watch TV, shop, smoke weed & of course cam/make vid clips of myself masturbating!

BBName a hobby people wouldn’t think you’d have?

AA: I can crochet but haven’t done it in awhile! I’ve made a couple awesome throws! But I can’t seem to master reading patterns so ALL i have done is throws/blankets basically big squares Lol. I love animals… Going to the zoo with a picnic lunch is great fun to me!! (I have an annual pass to the local zoo) lol

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BB: Describe your thought process behind ideas for clips:

AA: I do what I like… I do what I see is selling the most… Within reason… Lol. I have an ongoing list of things I want to do! Solo & with others!!

BB:  Anyone you’re looking forward to working with?

AA: Yes, I can’t wait to meet other camming/porn models like Sinful Celeste, Nikki Wilder and hopefully many many more!!  Also has been showing interest in me and I’m SUPER excited about that!!

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BB: What’s your favorite candy?


  • peanut m&ms
  • Gummy anything….
  • Jolly rancher soft sour bites!!
  • Mmmm candy… I’ll eat pretty much anything that doesn’t taste like black liquorice BLEK!!!!


*editors note: co-sign on black liquorice. I’m sure it’s what the devil’s sperm tastes like.*


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BB: Any upcoming things you’d care to announce to us?

AA:  Well i am currently trying to get my ass to Cali to visit the amazing Sinful Celeste July/August  but without the funding from fans it’ll have to be postponed until next summer!! 🙁

Also maybe possibly something coming up at the beginning of June… But that isn’t set in stone yet so we will see!!  😉
BBHow can new fans reach you?
BB: Alright, our last question comes from Samanta Lily. She wanted to know  How do the people around you react when they see you in tight t-shirt?
AA:  I usually try and minimize the look of my boobs in public because I DO get a lot of stares!! One time a guy on a bike slammed into a Bike rack, that was pretty funny!!

Thanks for being awesome, Annie! 🙂
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