Cum Discover: The Never Jaded Jade Rose

We’re back with another Cum Discover! This time with one of my favorite adult film models, Jade Rose. Jade isn’t a newcomer to the industry, she’s been around almost 3 years now. She was one of the first models to follow me on Twitter, something that was very big for me at the time. Over the last year or so, we’ve had a bit of a budding friendship on the interwebs, so I decided it was finally time to interview her for the blog. We both had been putting it off for months, but earlier this week she reached out to me and we set it up! Hope you enjoy it, and the photos she sent over.

Without further ado, let’s get underway!


How long have you been in the industry?

About 2 1/2 years now.

What made you decide that this was something you wanted to do full time?

I did it full time for about half a year when I lived in Vegas, but not it’s definitely a hobby/part time! I fly to LA, Vegas, or FL every few months to shoot and it’s a blast. I am very sexually open in real life so porn is a super fun hobby for me.

Did you have anyone you looked up to in the beginning of your career?

I have always liked Sasha Grey & Belladonna, both retired.

I’m noticing more and more that bigger/voluptuous women are making their way mainstream, making it more than a fetish. How do you feel about being part of that movement, and more importantly what do you think the ceiling will be?

I think it’s awesome, just like body and gender acceptance is becoming very progressive in our society as well, I think it has always had it’s following it is just becoming more socially recognized. I think it’s awesome and I love hearing from other plus-sized women that seeing another bbw with the confidence to get out and show so much of her body is inspirational. I believe everyone should have the confidence and security to be transparent, physically and psychologically.


We’ve seen you work for some big name companies. What was it like working with Evil Angel the two times that you have? Any plans to go back?

Yeah EA was a lot of fun, the director Aiden Starr is a fiery, sexy dominatrix so it’s great seeing her represent BBWs so boldly. Hopefully some more Hustler plans this year as well 🙂

What’s a normal day off (no shooting, etc.) like for you? What do you like to do for fun?
A normal day (these days) usually consists of: doing homework, remembering to exercise, playing with kitties, maybe doing some appointments, etc.. for fun I love going out into Austin and going to shows; comedy, music, kinky, etc.. road trips, traveling, socials, reading, playing chess, swimming.
What is a working day like for you?
I do sex work as a day job, too… so a working day usually consists of lots of hot, sweaty, kinky fun and lots of CUM! Ha.
In my opinion, I think your scene with Facial Abuse may be one of your best. It was a really rough looking scene. Can you describe it for us?
Yes it definitely was a blast, as I have done similiar “sessions” in real life. The aim for their site is generally degradation and humiliation, so there was a lot of name-calling, put downs, rough treatment; hair pulling, throat fucking, spit, gagging, slapping, even some vomit. It was fun to me because I love catering to a fetish/niche.. and the degradation and humiliation is just that. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest on a personal level and it honestly makes me pretty sad that many girls take these things to heart or that people assume these things are solely performed for self-harm. I think it takes a great degree of healthy confidence and self-assurance to commit to working with a company like FA. The guys themselves as well as the director, shooter, are very cool and respectful behind the scenes. It was fun acting in that role, I would do it again.
Of course in that scene you took a giant face full of cum. Was that load as big as it seemed to us?
Yep, it was from two guys. 🙂
We can see from your twitter that you’re a big fan of facials. Can you describe your love of them, and can you tell us about your favorite facial ever?
I am a self-exploited cum/facial lover for sure! I even consider it a fetish in some ways. I love the submissiveness and the raw animalistic nature of being blasted with a mans cum, if you will. I love the feel, scent, taste, etc.. something about being subservient and just enjoying the act of it delights me. Too many to consider just one, but I love big loads.
Do you specifically request them when giving a blowjob?
Yes, although I do love feeling someone cum in the back of my throat while I am deep-throating too!
Would you call yourself a cum queen?
Yep! I have worshipped it in many ways: facials, mouthfuls, have been covered in layers, popsicles, drank it, ate it, even snorted it… Lmao.  (Editor’s note: There is proof! Talk about a cumsicle!)
Do you have a favorite facial selfie?
A few pretty big ones I haven’t quite publicized just yet. 😉
How is your website coming along?
It is currently on a hiatus. I don’t have a lot of time to devote to it right now due to school mainly!
If someone was watching Jade Rose for the first time, which scene would you tell them to watch first?
Probably the scene from Marshmallow Girls #2, or my BBW orgy scene “BBW Bachelorette Party” by Jeffs Models 🙂 I love the group stuff.
Anything you wanna say to your fans out there, new or old?
Thanks for watching me!
We thank Jade for taking time out of her busy schedule to email back and forth with us! You can follow her on twitter @JadeRose_XXX, and of course look out for more with her soon here on BewbieReviews!

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