Cum Discover: The Mighty Facials of Mariah Leonne

Welcome to another edition of Cum Discover. This time around we go across the pond to the United Kingdom to meet Mariah Leonne. Well, we emailed across the pond. One can dream about visiting though…

Anyway Mariah is a cam girl who appears on MFC, Chaturbate and is even available for Skype sessions. I found out about Mariah much in the same way that I found out about Mandi Flame: through her selfies. You’ve probably seen her in some shape or form on twitter, and she’s normally wearing a very massive load of cum. The cum is provided by her partner Josh.  Well without further ado, lets meet Mariah!


BB:  What year did you start camming?

ML: 2012, I think. But for the first year or two my sessions were very sporadic.

BB:  Who, if anyone, helped get you used to camming?

ML: A girl who is no longer in the industry (who cannot be named)  introduced me to the camming world. But my very first time on cam was actually with Ava Dalush.. It wasn’t girl/girl she just introduced me to her fans, I was very shy at first would you believe.

BB: On your twitter and even on your ManyVids account, one might notice that you travel to some exotic places. What intrigues you the most about traveling?

ML: I do indeed travel to some exotic places. I am a major sun seeker. Nothing better than waking up, going outside and feeling the sun hit you. But on top of that, I absolutely love seeing new places, learning their culture and eating their foods.

BB: You’ve also taken quite a few facials in some exotic and risky places. You could almost say that you’re the queen of the public dare. What gives you the biggest thrill in public?

ML: Haha, yes I have.. It is ridiculously exhilarating receiving a facial in public, and the bit leading up to it of course 😉 the fact I might get caught with cum all over my face is a massive turn on for me.

A recent public cum selfie. You can purchase the video to this facial on ManyVids.

BB: To talk more about facials: When did you realize that it was a fetish that you enjoyed? I know for some women facials might be more of a mess than something fun.

ML: 4 years ago when I met Josh and found out how massive his cum shots were, I just HAD to take it all over my face! It was my very first facial but it turned me on, like never before. I just daydream about big messy facials all day, every day. I love them!

BB:  It seems like at least once or twice a week on twitter we’re getting a facial selfie from you with what can only be described as a facial of massive proportions. Do you like taking those selfies the most?

ML: Yes, facial selfies are my favourite. I am very proud of Josh’s cum shots (who wouldn’t be?) it turns me on so much showing everyone the mess he has made of my face.. I want to show it off to the world. Everyone deserves to see it!


BB: When did you and partner decide that you were going to pursue making and selling videos? It seems like you two are a match made porn heaven.

ML: Me and Josh started out as friends as well as business partners (we own a Media company together) and one day he caught me playing with myself on cam. I told him all about it and it turned him on a lot, he was so interested. Not long after, one of my fans requested a male/female video, I asked Josh if he could do it and he said yes. It naturally progressed from there.

BB:  Describe the greatest facial you’ve ever recieved?

ML:  Actually, the biggest will probably be from a show we did on Chaturbate last week. There will be a compilation available to purchase soon. Which will be in slow motion as well as normal speed for those who love to see it pumping out… Like me 😉

BB:  If someone were just finding out about Mariah Leonne, could you name a vid that would be the best place to start?

ML: The “super risky POV public facial” video for sure. Here is the link:

Screen from the Risky POV Facial.
Screen from the Risky POV Facial.


BB:  What’s a day like away from camming or making clips?

ML:  When I am in the UK, my days are pretty simple. I have a beautiful horse, so I spend a lot of time with her, I love cooking and eating so I plan yummy things to cook and at the end of the day I like to play a zombie game, watch movies or a series. I especially love The Walking Dead, Suits, The Blacklist and Power. If I am away from home and off travelling somewhere, I love exploring the local area, finding nice places to eat and chill out.

BB: Name a hobby people wouldn’t think you’d enjoy?

ML:  Gaming! Survival games are my absolute favourite. I just LOVE zombies. Almost as much as I love big messy facials. 😉

BB: Any chance of a website coming soon?

ML:   Indeed, it will be up soon, keep your eye on my Twitter page.

BB:  How can your new fans reading the blog find you on the net?

ML:  My Twitter page:


My Many Vids:


My Chaturbate: (New fans can use this link to sign up which is free but it also boosts my account) I do live male/female shows on there.

BB:  Lastly, any words for your fans out there?

ML: Thank you all so much for supporting me on my camming journey so far, this is just the beginning though, there is plenty more facials to come – big messy ones at that! 😉

We thank Mariah for her time, and for sending us her favorite: monster loads all over her face.



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