Corii Siren isn’t just a cam girl.

She’s a clip maker, and a friend to many.

That may not sound like a lot to some, but she’s always there for anyone who needs her. Model or fan. Hell, she’s talked me down from some situations. It’s a welcome thing in a world filled with hate and discouraging times.

I’ve known Corii on a working level for almost five years now. From time to time, we lose contact. Like most friends. With twitter’s shadowbanning, it can make things pretty rough. But we go back further than twitter. All the way back to my start on tumblr. She was as fun then as she is now.

Before 2012, I really hadn’t heard of places like ManyVids. I knew a little about Clips4Sale, because I had purchased from them before. At first I was so on the fence about MV. Why would I want to pay for a clip and just download it? I don’t mind paying, but where’s the streaming?! A few years later I revisited MV, and started purchasing clips there faithfully.

What did my experience with MV have to do with Corii? A lot actually. And that’s why I’m writing. At one point in time, Corii was always top 200 on ManyVids. It’s a goal she’d like to see again, and I think it’s possible. If you visit her manyvids page you are greeted by a wonderful preview banner that shows tit smothering, smoking, twerking, bath vids, etc. and when you scroll down… welcome to the wonderful world of Corii.

171 fucking videos.

Well, not fucking fucking, but a metric fuckton of Corii scenes that span over a few years.

There’s a lot of B/G clips out there, all of them featuring her beau Dag and his BBC. And boy does Dag wear out Corii’s mouth and hands with that huge cock.

In Take Me to Church, she comes home from Exxxotica and decides she wants to give a blowjob to Dag… it seems normal at first, but well, i’ll let you buy it to understand where this ends up!

She does plenty of G/G vids too, if you’re interested in that. Almost a quarter of her vids are G/G, and she really works well with others.

Corii also does a premium snapchat. On Manyvids, $31 gets you premium for life, and that comes with never before seen previews of things! She’s almost always running a sale on MV as well. A few days ago I purchased 3 of BBC vids, a $15 value, for $7. You may have missed the boat on that sale (ba dum tsh), but don’t worry, keep your eyes peeled to her Twitter for more sale opportunities.

During the month of December, Corii will possibly be doing some vids for XXXmas, which could range from solo, to a possible B/G vid for the grand finale! If you’re interested in helping Corii make it possible or wanna lend her a word of support, just holler at her on twitter. I’m really excited to see what this month holds for her. She works hard, and still finds time to be friends with almost every fan. Her dick ratings are selling like hotcakes because the word is she’s really amazing at them.

If you wanna get some Corii Content, follow these links!



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