Codi Vore Gets a “Huge” Surprise from BewbLabs

I have a bit of a confession to make.

I’m an amateur scientist. I’ve been crafting secret experiments in my basement for the last 18 months. I’m like Walter White, but for boobs.

Anywho, I got an email from Codi almost two months ago. Ever since she found out her breasts were a size 30K, it’s been nothing but trouble. Everything from dirty looks to horrible back pain. She emailed me looking for a solution. I don’t normally get too many requests like this, but Codi wanted help with a reduction. Internally, I was sad, but if it helped her feel better I would do it. Mind you I don’t really have a test patient, so I’m just as anxious to see how this turns out.

Today, I got an email back from Codi. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll copy and paste it for you all to read.

Dear Bewbie,

I’m writing to thank you for the wonderful bra you sent over!

But not for the reason you may think. You see, the bra didn’t work. Well, I can’t say it didn’t work… It just didn’t work the way we planned it to.

If anything, it made my breasts BIGGER.

Let me give you the whole story. I even sent over a few photos for you.

I got the package in the mail on Thursday.

I decided to a full product review, so you can expect the video soon!

See, you’re just like those other bra shops! Where’s your color variety?!?! I kid. I know it’s a tester!

After I got off cam for the night in what I thought was to be my last show with 30K tits, it was time for sleep. Here I am in the bikini!




Little did I know, a metamorphosis was about to happen..

When I woke up, I figured I’d finish up the review.

And well, when I took my nightie off…



You might be able to read my lips here, but..


It almost looks like they got bigger. In fact, they did! I wondered if I could still fit in my favorite bra… short answer: NOPE.


I decided though that I’m not ready for a reduction.. In fact, I’m in love with my new, even more massive chest! I’ve got to hand it to you guys, you’re pretty good at this! Not bad for me getting the wrong blog, huh? Oh, and about that vlog… share it with your readers! They can find it exclusively right here. Thanks again guys! Maybe we’ll work on making them even bigger! 😉

Big Boobie Goddess,



Wow, where do I start? Of course by saying thank you, Codi! We’ve been working awful hard at it. I’m glad you enjoyed our little goof up though, as wires probably got crossed somewhere down the line. We’ll work on making sure our shipping department gets it right the next time! For all of our readers, Codi sent over a little treat. Here’s a code for you guys to use on her new IWantClips site. Save 20% with “BewbiesRock”.

I also would like to thank Codi for being awesome with one of my clip ideas. She really knocked this out the park, even better than I could have ever imagined. We hope you enjoy the pics and vids and look forward to gracing you all with more Breast Expansion content in the near future!

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