Clip Review: Codi Vore’s Innocent and Oiled Up

Welcome to another Bewbie Review! Finally living up to our name, huh?

Anyway, today we’re reviewing another Codi Vore flick, Innocent and Oiled Up. Buckle up, this is gonna be a good one!

Title: Innocent and Oiled Up: Skype Call JOI

Length: 14:31

Format: .mp4

Price: $13.99 on Manyvids

Synopsis: Codi is your long distance crush. You told her before you left for college that you were interested in her, but she never said anything back to you… well, that is until now. She makes sure the skype call is clear. Small talk leads to her telling you all her feelings for you, and how she’s ready to have some fun with you. She wants to see that cock of yours. But first, she wants to get it hard for you. How about this for an introduction:



Well, if that wasn’t enough to get your engine revved, Codi would prefer to take things a little further for you:


Codi knows you’ve dreamed of those massive teen tits since you first met her. She’s even caught you sneaking a peek. But it’s all cool with her. It’s all about pleasing you on Skype. She was afraid you wouldn’t like them but as you can see she’s happy that you do..


To make it even better for you, she’s found a huge bottle of baby oil. And i’m sure you know what she’s gonna do with it.. if not, have a look:


Now that she’s all oiled up for you, she finally wants to see that huge, hard cock. She’s been thinking about it non-stop for weeks now… and you live up to her dreams and expectations when you show it off. She can’t help but imagine it between those huge titties,  but for now her hand will have to do.



She imagines you taking care of that tight pussy and those huge tits to the point where she can’t stop touching herself until she cums all over for you… She even tells you it’s not fair that you’re not home to really experience this.


She watches intently as you blow your load, and she’s satisfied with the results. Of course she can’t wait for you to get home for Summer break, then she’ll really show you everything she’s capable of.


A week after blessing us with a morning blowjob and titfuck, Codi returns with another amazing video. This time it’s even more realistic. It really reminds you of your college years (depending on how old you are), where you had long distance skypes with girlfriends, which start so innocent but soon can turn out to be dirty. We all have needs, so to speak. Codi is no different. She says in the synopsis over on manyvids that she relied on remembering how situations like this went from when she was a teenager.

She did a great job making it seem like she was really talking to the viewer. From the small talk in the beginning while making sure the call came through clear, to the ending where she talks about how much fun she had and other little odds and ends, it’s the  intricacies of the type of clip that she really picks up on.

I REALLY enjoyed the oil play this go-round. Last clip, there was some but not a lot. She applied a bunch. She has the perfect breasts for it. What’s amazing about Codi is that she’s multifaceted. You will see a clip where it’s not titcentric, and she’ll focus on other features or ideas. As much as she could really pigeonhole herself in the huge tit category, she doesn’t. However, it can’t be denied that her breasts really steal the show in this clip. By years’ end, I’d expect to see her on a few top ten lists for best breasts and best clips.

There are no major flaws with this clip, no technical issues. I’m sure some out there would nitpick and say the camera was shaky but it doesn’t take away from the clip at all. Codi does it again, and I personally can’t wait to see what’s next from her clip store.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars on Manyvids

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