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Cher Azur

Official Website of Cher Azur The Goth Dream Girl

Nirvana Lust Gets a Cumbath in “Cover me in Cumshots”

Nirvana Lust recently shot for PlumperPass, but you’ve probably seen her on her own Twitter and ManyVids. I recently found her after a follower (wanna say a h/t to Sexcraftboobs) retweeted some of her stuff. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Nirvana (each time I hear her name I think of the band..) has quite a few vids on ManyVids, 54 to be exact. From solo play to a threesome, if you like it she probably has it in her store.

If you’re one of those people that love when porn gets straight to the finishing point, you’re gonna love her vid “Cover Me in Cumshots”. Clocking in at 7:29, you’ll get to see nothing but the messiest facials she’s ever taken. And these aren’t just some two drip facials and on to the next one, she’s sucking big cocks and getting absolutely drenched in cum.

These are just two of her facials:

Her ManyVids profile has the tagline of “I love it when guys cum for me, it’s my biggest turn-on ever!”

Judging by the facials in this vid, she’s not lying.

She’s also running for BBW of the Year over on Manyvids, so go check that out too.


Site Review:

We’re back with another site review! This time, we feature Sydney Screams’ website!

If you’re not familiar with Syd, she’s a bbw model who does a plethora of fetish based stuff. I’d be wrong to even start to list what she does, cause I would be afraid to leave something out! Anyway, on with the review!


Entrance Page:

Syd’s site is another site powered by ModelCentro. It seems like anyone who is a model is hooked in with Modelcentro. Of course it’s like a standard site, enter here or exit, and the exit link takes you to google.

Home Page:

Syd’s site has one of the better home pages i’ve seen. It kind of reminds me of a wheel of fortune board. With all the different flips and of course Syd’s intro vid which is enough to get you off immediately, she really knocked it out with the design aspect.



The calendar is used for showcasing past and upcoming updates, which is helpful if you’re looking for a certain vid or a certain fetish. Syd makes a great use of the calendar. Most recent updates were August 20th.


Now onto something I know you’ll really enjoy: Videos! The video playback is like any Modelcentro site, of course with no download option. That doesn’t take away from the quality though. Syd has three pages worth of updates, with every fetish you could imagine, featuring a ton of your favorite cam girls and pornstars. 3 pages may not seem like a lot, but there’s at least 10 updates on each page. A lot of porn to make you happy.



Photos is similar to videos. Same layout and such and each photoset has anywhere from 8 to 56 pictures. Really good for a quick fap!


I figure I’d combine the rest of the site into one part. The next three things on the site are her Amazon wishlist in case you’d like to spoil her, A space to tip for goods and even things like skype shows or tributes. And there is also her blog. Her blog is updated frequently with things and musings.  There’s also a spot for her about me, which contains tidbits about the site and her measurements.



All told, I really enjoyed my stay on I give it a rare 5 out of 5! Probably the best modelcentro site I’ve reviewed yet. Syd is a master at her craft and it shows in her site! I would refer all of you to join, even if it’s just a trial membership. It may turn into a long, romantic, porn filled affair.




Site Review:

Happy Titty Tuesday everyone! Hope you all enjoyed my interview with Tiggle Bitties yesterday. Today’s project is reviewing a pretty well known on the web and always up for anything busty lady Busty Von Tease’s site.

If you’re not all that familiar with Busty, it’s okay. We’ll go over who she is. Busty sports a pair of all natural 38JJ breasts, and they tend to make shirts do this:


You’ll see plenty of tight shirts in her photosets, including a whole gallery dedicated to sports. But we’ll get into that later. is part of the modelcentro “family” of sites. I use family loosely because it’s not a multi-pass type site. Most models seem to be using this formula now, including Livy Larue, Tiggle Bitties, Maserati XXX and others. I’ve heard that ModelCentro is really good at helping with preparation for the sites, and I’m all for simplicity. So lets go over what you see when you first login:

Screenshot 2016-05-03 at 1.01.44 PM

You’re greeted by Busty’s massive jugs, a welcome letter and video. In the video Busty says “I know you’ve come this far because you love my titties. Now come inside so I can show you the rest.” We’re off to a pretty good start.


About Me

Busty’s about me section gives you a small look into her life. Her hometown, her her heritage, all the things a fan would wanna know can be found on that link. I didn’t screenshot it because it’s almost practially like the header above. Which is okay.



Remember calendars? Those nifty things we used to put on walls ? Shame they kind of went the way of the rotary phone. Busty’s calendar, however, may make you believe in keeping track of your days again:

Screenshot 2016-05-03 at 1.13.33 PM

As you can see, Busty’s calendar is plenty stacked with upcoming updates. Tomorrow’s update is Busty Does Anal (May 4th, 2016). As of this writing, tomorrow is also Star Wars Day, so there’s a great chance she goes to a galaxy far, far away… Enough with the puns. The calendar is a nice touch that is updated regularly. It also shows that even if she doesn’t get to update regularly there’s always quality stored away. I wish more sites had that function and capability.



Ah yes, what you’ve all been awaiting. The video section. Busty will sometimes post teasers on her site of what’s to come, but you don’t get to experience all of it until you join the site. And it is as advertised boobage.

Screenshot 2016-05-03 at 1.19.48 PM


My personal favorite videos are her lift and drop compliations. They look to be filmed in a public bathroom, and that kind of adds to the hot factor of it. They normally are in slow motion and you really get to indulge in the massiveness of her breasts as they fly from her top down to her chest. There are also downblouse vids, pussy play, getting dressed up and undressed, plenty of flashes and even a huge load blown all over those 38JJ’s. All in all there are 12 pages worth of movies. And no two movies are alike. The Busty Von Tease fan would be in a cum induced coma if they tried to view all of those vids in one day.



If you thought 12 pages worth of videos was a lot, wait until you get to the 17 pages worth of galleries. Almost every weekend Busty updates the site with a set of nudes that chronicle her sometimes naughty weekends.

Screenshot 2016-05-03 at 1.30.25 PM

This is where that sports photoset comes into play. My favorite is when Busty doesn’t wear a bra with the shirts, and it turns out a little like this:

nr-h1360i (2)

She might be the bustiest sports fan of all time. There are more galleries, including cum play, car boobs and naughty playtime. Like the vids, no two photosets match and you get plenty of photos in each set. Enough to leave you occupied for more than 8 hours.


Live Show

The live show feature is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the same as any modelcentro site.  Busty’s does have an archive with one live show from 4/6/2016, but as of writing Busty says she plans to add more.


Tip Me

Tip Me is a place where you can leave donations. It reads like this:

I love shooting for my fans and I’m happy to be able to provide great content for my website for all you to enjoy. My lovely admirers have been asking for a way to send me gifts and tips! Everyone knows that an artist loves when his or her work is appreciated. And now I have a great new way for you to show me just how much you like my art!

Every fan who sends me a gift will receive a personalized love letter directly from me! Just use this form to show me your love… don’t be shy.

Makes you wanna tip, doesn’t it? Plenty of options available.


More contains Busty’s wishlist and her blog. The wishlist redirects you to Amazon. The blog is where Busty can talk about her day, tell you about upcoming scenes or get a story or two off of her huge chest. It is updated at least once a week.

Final Verdict: 5 out of 5 boobs

It takes a lot to get a 5 out of 5 from me on site reviews, because some sites have their flaws. Which is okay. But as someone who spent a long time admiring Busty, to finally see the inner workings of the site was truly mindblowing. Plenty of pics, videos and other delights for you to get into. Busty also wanted me to stress something really important to her, so i’m gonna let her words do the talking:

The one thing I need to add is that I make a big deal of the community aspect of it, I’m constantly chatting with the members, listening to their ideas, and taking suggestions, it’s more than just a place for my movies and pics, the membership have a big say in what happens, it’s very organic and a place to get to know the model, not just watch the movies..”

I think that can get lost sometimes when people make websites, you’ve gotta think about the consumer as well. Busty does a great job of that, not just on her site but on her twitter and other social networks as well. Once you get to know Busty for more than just being the anonymous girl with huge boobs, you’ll fall in love with her instantly.

$10 a month gets you the site and her snapchat, PLUS your very own welcome movie to keep and download. As far as sites go, it’s a great deal and one of the better bargains out there. If you’re interested in joining, click here!

Thanks for reading, and look out for more reviews and Busty soon!

Site Review:

Howdy folks, we’re back with another site review.  Hope you’re ready to work up a sweat.

This week’s review is Linda is on twitter at lindasteelehot1.  I talked with Linda in early February before the site launched, and she was really excited to share information about the site. I’ll post a few tidbits as we go along.

The price: $9.99

I’m gonna be honest with everyone, I did not expect this site to be so cheap in price, especially with the quality of the videos and photos, which I will delve into in a bit. Now $9.99 doesn’t just pay for photos and videos. It’s a fitness site as well, so you’re getting different workouts to try, help with meal prep, and video examples of almost everything. I’m gonna go ahead and let you know now. It’s not a porn site, however there are a few treats along the way.


Photos and Videos

What you will notice as soon as you log in, there are two choices. Kind of like the red or blue pill in the matrix.

Screenshot 2016-03-25 at 10.46.59 PM

There’s Linda’s Exclusive Images and Linda’s Exclusive Videos.

In Linda’s Exclusive Images, you will see these headings:

Screenshot 2016-03-25 at 10.49.55 PM

Fitness, Modeling, NSFW, Food and Fashion. Each photo set contains at least 35-50 photos. In the NSFW folder, you will find pure gold if you follow Linda on twitter. There are bikini and hand bra photos. Each photo prominently displaying her 32H breasts, whether in a bikini, chilling on a couch leaving nothing to the imagination, or in workout gear.

Video has almost the same setup. Now as of this writing, the only complete video gallery is the fitness section. There you will see exercises as performed by Linda in her own gym. There is a NSFW section, but as of this writing there is nothing in there. However, there is some coding in there which leads me to believe videos are to come.

Verdict: 4 out 5 Bewbs

Once all of the videos are posted, I’ll more than likely do another review of the site. Love what I have seen so far, as you will see Linda’s most candid moments away from the gym. She is a woman who loves her body and her athletic build. She’s also a huge hockey fan, Blackhawks to be exact. You will see a lot of Linda in the upcoming months, as she  has a lot in store for everyone for 2016. The best is yet to come, as she has told me you can expect some real hot stuff on the way. For $9.99 it’s not a bad deal, especially with a chance to see the site grow. Some fitness related sites could run you anywhere from $20 to $30, so in the grand scheme is a steal! Enjoy a few pics of Linda from her twitter:



The dictionary definition of a Sapphire is as follows:

“a transparent precious stone, typically blue, that is a variety of corundum.”

That could also go for the newest BBW website on the scene, I was first introduced to Sapphire a few weeks back, but just recently I was given access to her site.


Still in the midst of adding new picsets and video to her site, there is not a lot to choose from. However, what is there will surprise you. The beginning photosets are more softcore.


When you reach the welcome page, you are greeted with a 1:25 minute video of Sapphire and her man playing around. He is seen eating her pussy, and then the video switches to a nice doggystyle session.

Once you are logged in, you will see the latest vids and pics. The current video is a 51 second massive facial that Sapphire has taken. The photoset shows the aftermath.


While there is not a lot of content as of this writing, i am excited to see what Sapphire has planned for the future. She’s already clued me in on a few things, but I guess you’ll just have to join to find out! Trials start at $4, and $19.99 gets you month long access!

Busty Sarah Rae Buttons Up and Busts Out on ManyVids

Chances are, you know who Sarah Rae is.

If you don’t, here’s a bit of a refresher. She is one of the co-founders of YesBoobs!, she helped sponsor the Cleavage Cup,  has discovered some of the biggest breasts on this earth and she sports a lovely pair of K cup breasts.  You can also see Sarah towards the bottom of the page with stickers over her boobs.

Yesterday Sarah posted a new video over at ManyVids titled “Trying to Button Up”. Me being a curious soul was interested in seeing what Sarah meant. Turns out Sarah has a few shirts that she’s never quite been able to button up. She decided what better time than now to give it a shot.

First up was a red shirt. Bit of a low cut shirt. Sort of like a women’s polo shirt, but more casual. The beginning of the shirt was easy but as she progressed her mountainous cleavage began to take a toll on the buttons. On a 7 button shirt she was able to button up about 5 of them. Her massive breasts were really making those buttons work.

Her next shirt was a purple top that we’ve all probably seen her in.  Of course we all know how it looks unbuttoned:


If you want a real barometer on how big Sarah’s tits are, look no further than this top. Before its even buttoned the fabric is holding on for dear life. But this video is about her trying to button it, not about her cleavage beforehand. She gets about 3 buttons into it before she can’t button any more of it. We are then treated to massive boobs testing the limits of fabrics and gravity. The following screens show just how close Sarah was to destroying that shirt with her monster cleavage:

Of course in this vid, Sarah doesn’t leave us empty handed. We get plenty of boob shots as she starts off topless and even pops them out while adjusting her shirt. I’m really hoping there will be a part two soon with even tighter shirts and even some button popping. Sarah is a huge fan of Breast Expansion, so it’s quite possible it’s to come in the future.

You can pick up this vid on ManyVids for $8.99. It’s 5:42 in length and in HD! And don’t forget to follow @BustySarahRae on Twitter for more content including YesBoobs! And her cam schedule.

Melody Meadows Shines In Her Debut for YesBoobs!

A few days back you may have seen me post a review of the last few updates for our friends over at  I return today to review the video of Melody Meadows.



If you’ve never heard of Melody, don’t worry. She’s new to modeling. Anxious at first, Melody got a little help and inspiration from her boyfriend who told her how hot the thought of other guys jacking off to her huge natural breasts would be to him. Melody also originally thought she was a size DD in bras, but as shown in a future update on (Preview video is on the site), she has been wearing the wrong size for quite a while. After a proper measurement by none other than Sarah Rae, we come to find out that Melody is an HH Cup.  36 HH to be exact. Yes, bold and italicized for emphasis.

Now  in our featured review video, Melody can be seen in a black tank top and skirt. As the video progresses, Melody reveals more and more until she is totally topless. She then begins to massage those 36 HH boobs with some lotion. The clip features a lot of boob play, enough to make any big breast fan very happy and want more. Hand bras galore. You could never really tell that this is Melody’s first time on film, as she doesn’t cam or have a twitter.

As of right now, she’s another diamond picked out by the team over at YesBoobs, who work very hard to find you the best and bustiest out there. They take input from their fans, and they have awesome deals for joining. As low as $15 a month gets you some of the biggest breasts on the net, and exclusive videos and photos you won’t see anywhere else.  So join up with YesBoobs! Big and only getting bigger!

New at YesBoobs: Melody Meadows, Sarah & Harlow Oil Up, Samanta Lily and More!

You may remember over on that I advertised really really really heavy. You may also remember I told you the breast was yet to come.  I don’t like to lie, so of course I meant it. Here’s a roundup of the last three updates to the site:

Latest photoset: Lounging with Melody

Since this is the first time I’ve found out about Melody, I’ll let the good folks over at YesBoobs give a brief synopsis:

Check out this 18 year old with 36 double H boobs!
Melody had a fantastic time modeling for This is her modeling debut. She originally wasn’t sure if she could go through with it and got very anxious. Her boyfriend talked her into it, stating how hot he thought it would be to know that other guys are jacking off to her huge, natural tits. We have a boob measuring video where we find out that Melody has been wearing ill-fitting DD cup bras when her boobs are really a HH. They have been causing her nipples to be sore at the end of a long day working. Melody is the girl next door. She has never been on webcam or in front of the camera. This is a first for her and also a first for Sarah Rae! Sarah’s never played with another girl’s boobs before. We have a video where Sarah & Melody oil up each others’ tits. It was a lot of fun and we can’t wait to show you more inside!
Melody is not on Twitter and does not cam.

It’s always good to see a new model on the scene. Melody really embodies what YesBoobs is all about. It was nice to read that she trusted the site enough to release her first set with them,  and it was also awesome that during the bra measurement video (that I can’t wait to see!) they were able to determine that Melody had been wearing the wrong size bra. As much as it seems like a nice fetish to look at, it can’t be much fun to be wearing the wrong size for the person who owns that chest. Sarah and company strike again!

Latest video:  Sarah Rae and Harlow Nyx oil up!

The biggest boobs in her town (Harlow Nyx) meet some of the biggest boobs around (Sarah Rae) in this fun and messy oil video.  Sarah asks Harlow why she got into modeling, and Harlow immediately goes to her all-natural 36G Cup breasts and answers with “I just have really big boobs and I needed to do something with them” and that no matter what job she worked at attention came to them. I admit, I’d be hard pressed to look away from a beauty such as Harlow.  Soon the clip transitions to a shower, where Sarah and Harlow pull out the baby oil. It’s messy, but the good kind of messy.  By the end, the massively chested pair are hanging their boobs over the outside of the tub for fun. A clip you can only see over at


Arousing Ashlie in “School Girl Double D’s!”

Friend of the twitter fam and the first ever model for Arousing Ashlie returns to the site in a lotion clip.  People do different things to end their school or work day. Ashlie comes home from a hard day of classes and massages her DD Cup boobs, in a lovely outfit and thigh-high socks. This 6 minute clip has it all: the lotioning, stripping, and an ending you just have to see to believe!


Samanta Lily in “White Lace”

Russian sensation and another friend of the family, Samanta Lily hooks up with YesBoobs.  It’s like a match made in big bust heaven. Meant to be, even. The photoset is like a Sears catalog, except no Sears catalog got this risque. Not even that one in 1996. Okay, I barely remember 1996. I’m rabbling. Anyway, Sam stuns us again. Everything about this set feels so natural. Not to say Sam’s work with PinupFiles hasn’t been amazing, but this set gives you an at home feeling. Great job by Sam and the good folks over at YesBoobs. I hear there is more to come, and i’m excited to see more.  There’s also a close to 10 minute video over on the site. If you can make it the entire ten minutes without exploding in your pants first, I salute you.

As always, if you wanna see more of YesBoobs, just click here, or you can click Sarah’s boobs on the bottom right.

‘Til later,



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