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Cher Azur

Official Website of Cher Azur The Goth Dream Girl


Sometimes here at BewbieReviews, we like to make you think. Today’s task is, what do you remember about yourself at age 19?

For me, I was in my second year of college, and had yet to meet my first girlfriend. Now, at almost 27, I look those years somewhat in amazement. I couldn’t legally drink a beer yet here in the states, and even though at 18 you’re said to be an adult, you still need your parents to help you with things.

I asked this question, because today’s interview is with 19 year old Callie Klein. Callie is a relative newcomer to the porn scene, but she has close to 15 scenes under her belt. With just over 22,000 loyal #Calliefornians on twitter, she’s gaining quite the following. Inside, we go pretty in depth with Callie. She was feeling a bit under the weather during this interview but, we thank her for answering everything, and being… well… fantastic.

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To Know is to Love: My Interview with Rene Love

Imagine for a moment you’re in the shoes of a 20 year old young woman. You’ve only got a few choices in front of you. Find a job or risk being broke. But what if that job was almost 1500 miles away from your comfort zone?

Welcome to the life of Rene Love.

In 2011, a 20 year old Rene Love was faced with the daunting task of finding a job in a short amount of time. The one job that made the logistical choice was in Texas. It was a job as a personal assistant. It was something she dreamed of doing, but never thought it was going to come true.. at least not almost 1500 miles away from everything she’s ever known or experienced. She took the job, citing wanting to have new life experiences. It was a change out of her comfort zone. One of her bosses at the job in Texas told her about webcamming, something she had never considered. Now, there are a few things to consider about Rene when you think about a person in a high up position telling an employee about modeling or erotic photos.

Rene is the epitome of busty.


Rene’s story with her bust starts way back in her middle school years. As most girls develop, you’ll get some girls that are jealous of your or guys that will start a rumor. Rene grew tired of the rumor that she wasn’t top heavy at all. She was only stuffing her bra. One day, she just decided to squash the rumor and treated everyone to a show. That stunt landed her in trouble, and suspended from school. It helped her prove her point, and from there on the teasing stopped.

As her breasts grew, she began to have issues while playing her favorite sports. She stopped cheerleading because the uniforms no longer fit. She couldn’t play softball, basketball or any of her favorite activities. Even scoring sports games became a challenge, as parents of the kids who played sports at her school felt that she was being a distraction. She couldn’t help that her chest was huge, but she wasn’t going to stop living life because of her breasts.

Webcamming turned into doing nude and semi-nude photosets, and finally in 2013 she graced the pages of Scoreland magazine. Since then, Rene has ventured into doing things primarily on her own. While she’s grateful for the companies she’s had the chance to work with. She has had the idea of working on her own site, but she wants to be in control of everything. She does have products like connectpal, manyvids and clips4sale that house her content. But she feels she may be too connected on the web. I can’t say it’s odd to hear that, but it’s different to hear that from a model.

Rene has a few people she looks up to and for inspiration in modeling. She enjoyed Wendy Fiore’s time as a model. Her class and work ethic stand out as reasons to appreciate Wendy, and she loves Marilyn Monroe. Ms. Monroe’s candid nature makes Rene feel confident in what she does. Of course the job comes with plenty good moments and plenty of bad ones as well. She recounts working for a group that wanted to do reality based work as a good experience. It gave her a ton of experiences and reasons to travel. It also presented her with opportunities to network with others. Her worst experience involved staying in a motel, where the producer had an extra room key and surprised Rene and her assistant who traveled with her. Safe to say the friendship with that producer ended shortly thereafter.

Personality wise, Rene is very down to earth. She is very shy in person, until she can figure out your energy. If it’s good, she’s a ton of fun to be around. Just by talking with her on the phone, you can sense the bubbly personality. Always giggling and not afraid to tell you about herself and experiences. This was a different type of interview for me. While i’ve always had set questions, talking with Rene helped me go more in depth with my questions and answers.

She’s a people person. She will give you the shirt off of her back if she has to, and she’s so selfless. Loves interracting with her fans and keeping them in the loop. She always welcomes ideas and wants to know what you haven’t seen that she can bring to the table. She’s also not one to shy away from social issues. She once made a video in which her and her three friends had on identical outfits. She was the only one that was stopped multiple times by parents asking her if she had respect for herself or others for how she was dressed. She felt it was a double standard that no one stopped her friends, but stopped her simply because she was more stacked than the others. It’s an issue that Rene sees as being in the industry as well. People are so quick to look down on those who work in the industry. It’s shortsightedness. People are conditioned to not like sex workers or people in the industry because its seen as immoral. Something that will hopefully change over time.

Rene embraces her curves. Although she has her days where she has to icy-hot her boobs down or go to appointments at the chiropractor, she still appreciates what she’s been blessed with. At this moment she’s not divulging on her exact measurements, as she was just recently measured. But Rene has had some fun over the years with her boobs. In college, she once flashed a trucker to rave reviews and she also stripped naked coming home from a party in a public pool. She gave quite the show, and ended up being escorted by security. All in all, moments she will never forget.

Rene is a full time model. She quit her job, citing fears of how she’d be looked at if anyone found out what she was doing in her spare time. Since then, she’s got somewhat of a routine going. A 7:30 workout at the gym, plenty of errands to run, and she ends her day with a good home cooked meal. When she’s working, she’s averages about 3 to 4 skype shows per day. She has a record of 8. The oddest request she’s ever been given was to watch a customer eat his own poop… she hated to decline but it would have made her physically ill. She does note that people do have fetishes, and who are we to hate on that? What could make me or you ill, is something someone else loves.

A few months ago, she posted a clip on her clip sites that showed her giving head in a doctors office. What’s fun to note about that clip is that Rene wasn’t scared at all. It was her co-star who did all the fearing. He was afraid of being caught, and Rene scrapped filming 3 times before it was completed. I won’t laugh at him, because in the same spot I’d probably have done the same thing. Rene loves sex and she’s not apologetic about it all. She gets very turned on by the thought of making a man hard just by moving her body. Rene knows that men are visual creatures, and she will forever show herself off to milk that. She loves another video she made, this time with icing, and that ranks up there on her list of projects that she’s done.

At this moment, she doesn’t currently have plans to attend any conventions but that could change. As mentioned earlier, she’s keeping most of her future plans under wraps until they’re confirmed completely. She doesn’t wanna promise fans something and not come through on it. Just another way to appeal to her customers.

If you’ve been a Rene Love fan since the humble beginnings, she appreciates you. And the newcomers she appreciates just as much. She loves the compliments she receives from everyone, but most importantly from other women. Whether it’s complimenting her hustle or drive, or an outfit, she loves it. Rene has a lot of love to share. It shows through in her content and all the things she has laid out for everyone.


I hope this article brings some awareness to Rene and her content. I came into this article not knowing what to expect. She was the one who came up with the idea to do a telephone interview, even though I was so scared to do it. She was so comforting to listen to. She walked me through her life so far, and the fun she’s had. I feel that this is only the beginning for her. But even if she were to stay at the momentum she’s at now, she would be set. It’s all part of her world. We’re just along for the ride through pics and vids.

The scared college girl because something not even her wildest dreams could have imagined.

With Love in her name and heart, Rene will melt yours.

BTB: Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Tiggle Bitties

It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten our hands on an interview, and we got some Tig ol Bitties for ya.

Or shall I say, Tiggle Bitties.

I first got introduced to Tig in August of last year. I believe ZombiesAndBoobs from twitter pointed her out to me (Jeff has a great eye for talent..). Tig was a part of the first Cleavage Cup, placing 5th. It wasn’t until after the cup did our friendship start to blossom. I joined her site last fall, and even helped beta test the app (we get into that during the interview). Some of you may remember Tig as Destina, a model over at ATK. Since then she has modeled for YesBoobs and Score’s plethora of sites. We get into humble beginnings, future plans, and even food, all in the interview!

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Cum Discover: The Never Jaded Jade Rose

We’re back with another Cum Discover! This time with one of my favorite adult film models, Jade Rose. Jade isn’t a newcomer to the industry, she’s been around almost 3 years now. She was one of the first models to follow me on Twitter, something that was very big for me at the time. Over the last year or so, we’ve had a bit of a budding friendship on the interwebs, so I decided it was finally time to interview her for the blog. We both had been putting it off for months, but earlier this week she reached out to me and we set it up! Hope you enjoy it, and the photos she sent over.

Without further ado, let’s get underway!


How long have you been in the industry?

About 2 1/2 years now.

What made you decide that this was something you wanted to do full time?

I did it full time for about half a year when I lived in Vegas, but not it’s definitely a hobby/part time! I fly to LA, Vegas, or FL every few months to shoot and it’s a blast. I am very sexually open in real life so porn is a super fun hobby for me.

Did you have anyone you looked up to in the beginning of your career?

I have always liked Sasha Grey & Belladonna, both retired.

I’m noticing more and more that bigger/voluptuous women are making their way mainstream, making it more than a fetish. How do you feel about being part of that movement, and more importantly what do you think the ceiling will be?

I think it’s awesome, just like body and gender acceptance is becoming very progressive in our society as well, I think it has always had it’s following it is just becoming more socially recognized. I think it’s awesome and I love hearing from other plus-sized women that seeing another bbw with the confidence to get out and show so much of her body is inspirational. I believe everyone should have the confidence and security to be transparent, physically and psychologically.


We’ve seen you work for some big name companies. What was it like working with Evil Angel the two times that you have? Any plans to go back?

Yeah EA was a lot of fun, the director Aiden Starr is a fiery, sexy dominatrix so it’s great seeing her represent BBWs so boldly. Hopefully some more Hustler plans this year as well 🙂

What’s a normal day off (no shooting, etc.) like for you? What do you like to do for fun?
A normal day (these days) usually consists of: doing homework, remembering to exercise, playing with kitties, maybe doing some appointments, etc.. for fun I love going out into Austin and going to shows; comedy, music, kinky, etc.. road trips, traveling, socials, reading, playing chess, swimming.
What is a working day like for you?
I do sex work as a day job, too… so a working day usually consists of lots of hot, sweaty, kinky fun and lots of CUM! Ha.
In my opinion, I think your scene with Facial Abuse may be one of your best. It was a really rough looking scene. Can you describe it for us?
Yes it definitely was a blast, as I have done similiar “sessions” in real life. The aim for their site is generally degradation and humiliation, so there was a lot of name-calling, put downs, rough treatment; hair pulling, throat fucking, spit, gagging, slapping, even some vomit. It was fun to me because I love catering to a fetish/niche.. and the degradation and humiliation is just that. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest on a personal level and it honestly makes me pretty sad that many girls take these things to heart or that people assume these things are solely performed for self-harm. I think it takes a great degree of healthy confidence and self-assurance to commit to working with a company like FA. The guys themselves as well as the director, shooter, are very cool and respectful behind the scenes. It was fun acting in that role, I would do it again.
Of course in that scene you took a giant face full of cum. Was that load as big as it seemed to us?
Yep, it was from two guys. 🙂
We can see from your twitter that you’re a big fan of facials. Can you describe your love of them, and can you tell us about your favorite facial ever?
I am a self-exploited cum/facial lover for sure! I even consider it a fetish in some ways. I love the submissiveness and the raw animalistic nature of being blasted with a mans cum, if you will. I love the feel, scent, taste, etc.. something about being subservient and just enjoying the act of it delights me. Too many to consider just one, but I love big loads.
Do you specifically request them when giving a blowjob?
Yes, although I do love feeling someone cum in the back of my throat while I am deep-throating too!
Would you call yourself a cum queen?
Yep! I have worshipped it in many ways: facials, mouthfuls, have been covered in layers, popsicles, drank it, ate it, even snorted it… Lmao.  (Editor’s note: There is proof! Talk about a cumsicle!)
Do you have a favorite facial selfie?
A few pretty big ones I haven’t quite publicized just yet. 😉
How is your website coming along?
It is currently on a hiatus. I don’t have a lot of time to devote to it right now due to school mainly!
If someone was watching Jade Rose for the first time, which scene would you tell them to watch first?
Probably the scene from Marshmallow Girls #2, or my BBW orgy scene “BBW Bachelorette Party” by Jeffs Models 🙂 I love the group stuff.
Anything you wanna say to your fans out there, new or old?
Thanks for watching me!
We thank Jade for taking time out of her busy schedule to email back and forth with us! You can follow her on twitter @JadeRose_XXX, and of course look out for more with her soon here on BewbieReviews!

Largest and in Charge: Our interview with Princess Pumpkins of Big Boobed Bad Girls

Welcome back to Bewbie Reviews. If you’ve been following us on Twitter the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen our interviewee in many retweets or posts from YesBoobs. I first got wind of Raine (that sounds kinda snazzy. Hmm..) from our Fairy BoobMother, Busty Sarah Rae. Sarah told me she was about to shoot with the Big Boobed Bad Girls. At first I thought it was a website. Then as I found out, they are a webcam couple! There’s Raine and Pinky. I hope to interview Pinky as well soon. In this interview, we will go in depth into Raine’s goal to be the largest in charge. If you’re not a fan of massive boobs, I’d turn away now.

Still here? Well let’s go.


1: State your name, and bra size at current:

-I go by Raine Drop, or Princess Pumpkins. My current bra size is 32R, but the largest I’m able to find that fits somewhat, is a 34K.

2: The name Princess Pumpkins: is a subtle nod to your breasts, or is there another meaning?

-Nope! I though it would be cute, I was Princess Raine for a little, but then halloween came and I thought it was suitable and just kinda stuck 🙂

3: What was your reasoning behind having a breast enhancement?

-Growing up I’ve always idolized fake boobs, especially very large ones. I had low self-esteem due to high school bullying and constantly told I had bad, or weird looking tits. Then I was a 38DDD and gravity isn’t so kind to big breast. They were saggy, not full, and my nipples weren’t perky like every other female in my school.

My natural 38DDD! This was right after I turned 18!

So I wore a bra 24-7 and never wore a bathing suit due to lack of support. So when I turned 18 I had the chance to fix them. I did alot of research and when I met my first doctor I felt like he could do what I wanted. I showed him pictures of Shayla Hershey, she was my idol for awhile and I loved how her boobs looked. He reassured me that he could do it, well he didnt. I came out with 900ccs under muscle high profile and I looked natural. Not the fake look I was wanting. I pretty much had a bigger version of what I had. And on top of that, he told me I had 850cc, the 900ccs voided out the insurance that covered them.. a year later I began to bottom out, which anyone who knows implants knows that is bad news.

So I researched again and found a doctor that specializes in XL implants and internal bras. I emailed him for about a week, super nice and explained everything. I set up a consultation, when I arrived everyone was super nice and the doctor had the best bedside manners ive ever encountered. He answered all the questions I had with out even having to ask. He explained why my boobs looked the way they did and how my old doctor “fucked up”. That day I scheduled my appointment for Sept 9 and it couldn’t have come fast enough. My pre opt went very well, he told me that he didn’t see a problem going above 1800ccs that we originally planned for set me up with my meds and I got prepared for my surgery the next day. My surgery was scheduled at 12pm, I arrived at 9 am. The hospital was super friendly and made me feel very at easy. I was super nervous. I finally met with my doctor again and he marked my boobs and off I went to the surgery room. Two half hours later, I came out with 2000ccs in each breast. I was so excited! I got what I finally wanted. Big fake looking titties!

4: Were there any inspirations for your current size and cc?

-Like I said before I’ve always loved fake looking breast, and I had alot of room in my chest pocket so I told my doctor to go as big as he could before my boobs didn’t feel like boobs anymore, I still wanted to have some squish to them.

5: Since your augmentation, can you give us an example of a good thing that has happened to you?

-Since my implants I would say the best thing that has happened to me is that I received a modeling job with YesBoobs! I’ve always wanted to model but never had the opportunity or got turned down. But having an actual model company come to me and want me to model. I lite up like a Christmas tree!

6: Can you tell us more about the BigBoobedBadGirls?

-Bigboobedbadgirls is a couples account that I run with my girlfriend! I’ve been camming for two years on multiple sites, and for Streamate and loved it. She had a “normal” job and when I got my first paycheck and compared it to hers, she wanted to cam also so we made a couples account little over a year and half ago!

7: What’s a normal day like for you?

-A normal day of a princess hmm:) well I usually go to sleep around 7am to 10 am and I wake up around 4pm to 6pm, I have my GAINT cup of coffee, and I get ready to cam! While my girlfriend has already been up and has started the cam up and is Makin that money! Most mornings she’s already made breakfast or has started my coffee. While getting ready I’m on twitter terrorizing my little sissies and draining wallets. I work on cam anywhere from 5pm/8pm to 3 or 4 am. After work I relax and have dinner, watch past seasons of The Walking Dead, or watch some anime. Then before I go to bed I play Diablo 3 on Ps4. Crawl into bed and repeat:)

8: Name one talent or hobby that people wouldn’t think you’d have?

-One hobby or talent that people wouldn’t expect? Other then getting everything I want;) I’m actually a very fast learner, and think very logically for only being 20 years old. Most people who see me and interact with me, will never guess I’m as young as I am. Also I can flex my boobs 🙂

9: Now a question from @ZombiesandBoobs on Twitter: Do you ever find yourself knocking anything off of tabletops or desks with your boobs? If so, what happened?

-Zombiesandboobs, btw love the name! I am actually still getting use to my size! I’m constantly dropping food or finding “leftoves” in or on my shirts! And I haven’t knocked anything off a table yet, but I’m sure the day will come. I like to rest my boobs on everything, Carrying 18lbs on your chest gets pretty heavy lol. But right after my second surgery I actually titty whacked the hotel wall! Ouch! But I have also have gotten stuck in my fridge! I was reaching in the back for a snack I think and my boobs got me stuck in between the door and shelves -_-

10: Can you describe your love for BE? (breast expansion)

-Breast expansion! Is actually the fetish that got me my second surgery! Thankfully to a faithful fan of bigboobedbadgirls, he has help in more ways then one! When first came to our cam room, he came In on us explaining why we needed our second surgeries and explained how we where his living fetish dream! “I will do anything to make this happen!” He has mentally and financially helped us through everything! And all he asked for were some BE videos and to see our healing process after surgery! I love being a living fetish dream! I love the idea of making boobies bigger by some “magical” force. I think it’s interesting how people tie it with growing other body parts, it’s definitely a fetish that gives you room to make it your own and to have fun with it!

11: Any upcoming events or things you’ll be featured on?

-I’ve recently done a photo shoot with YesBoobs! That should be coming out very soon and I’m so excited to see the results of the photos and the videos that we shot! I don’t have anything planned coming up! But I travel and do alot of cons! So who knows where you’ll see me next!

12: How can new fans get in touch with you?

-Fans are always welcomed to contact me Ether twitter @Raine_Drop95 or by email,! I love talking with people who understand and love what I do!

13: Anything you’d like to say to your new and old fans?

-I want to thank everyone who has been with me since I’ve started camming a year and half ago! I’ve had ups and downs, and slowly discovered myself along the way! I don’t think I could have made this my career with out the support of fans and other cam models who have become lifelong friends! I know some of my fans have strayed from me because of my recent surgery and don’t understand why I choose to do it, and I hope you get to see that I love myself so much more and I know you will to! The same has happened with my weight loss! People try to say I’ve messed with perfection, but I’ve done everything for my health and to be the best I can be for myself and my fans! I don’t want anyone to ever feel like “just a fan” never be scared to approach me in person, as long as you’re respectable I always welcome interaction! Whether your a fan of bigboobedbadgirls or a slave to Princess Pumpkins 🙂 I hope to see my fans follow me to bigger and better things whatever that maybe, I plan on becoming a known name!

Xxx Princess Pumpkins♡


Of course, be on the lookout for more of Princess Pumpkins here on the blog when I review the Big Boobed Bad Girls’ set on soon!

Foxee Roxee: Our interview with Roxee Robinson

Welcome back to If you follow us on Twitter, I said earlier this morning that we had a lot of interviews lined up for this week, and here’s another one. This time we caught up with a rising star in the big boob world, Roxee Robinson. I first saw Roxee a few months ago on YesBoobs and the SizeFetishDungeon. Since then she has appeared in a few other places as well. Join me now as we learn more about Roxee.


What is your cup size at current?

– HH 36

When did you start developing, and when did you reach the glorious size you’re at?

-I started developing around 10-11 and I reached this size about 3-4 years ago.

You’ve grown in popularity this year, almost over night. How crazy has this year been for you?

-It’s been amazing. The year has flown by in what seems like a dream like blur.  I got to go to prague for my shoot for score! Prague was gorgeous.

Holy hell! That’s amazing! I first noticed you a while ago on SizeFetishDungeon. You’ve shot with him. Describe his support.

-Him and I have been together for over five years. He was the one who got me into taking nude pics. He also encouraged me to shoot for score. He has been so supportive. He has also put a lot of effort into getting me noticed. He is also the one who helps take my pics for yesboobs. I don’t think I would be where I’m at now if it wasn’t for him.

What’s the best and worst thing about having huge boobs?

-The best thing of course is all the attention. You can definitely use big boobs to get your way with men. Lol. Big boobs do come with problems….I would say that big boobs can be crumb traps. Lol. Gotta be careful when your eating…crumbs in cleavage is not comfortable nor sexy. Lol …big boob problems.

What’s a day without camming or shooting like for you?

-I really like spending time with family. I love to cook and bake up tasty stuff for everyone to enjoy. I also like to kick back and watch a bit of TV. My current favorite shows are Gotham, walking dead, and American horror story.

Any major shoots or news for things coming up?

-Score just contacted me yesterday. They want me to shoot again. So just waiting to nail details down. I will also be in the May 2016 issue of Voluptuous magazine.

Awesome. Anything you wanna say to your fans, new and old?

-I love my fans. Thank you for encouraging me. It’s because of my fans that I have made it this far with my modeling goals.


We thank Roxee for agreeing to the interview, and as a bonus she sent over a few fansign pics, taken by MaxxxBulge from the SizeFetishDungeon!


Oh, Mandi! Checking in with Mandi Flame

Hey everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the beginning of the holiday season. Hopefully you all find time to spread your time out evenly between life and work. Our latest interview is with a lady we talked to back in September that got pretty rave reviews. I had some questions left over from last time, so why not check in with none other than Mandi Flame? She even threw in a few boob fan signs for us, so enjoy those!


So, what’s new since we last checked in?

-Just got back from a Caribbean vacation! That was wonderful and well needed. And even though I was on vacation I still managed to do three videos. The first of which “Cruise Ship Cocksucker” is now available. The other two will be along shortly.

Lately I’ve seen on Twitter that your popularity is blowing up. How amazing is it to have 40,000 followers?

-It’s crazy! I’m so flattered to have that many followers. When I started on Twitter I had no expectations, so to be this well received is quite the pleasant surprise.

I’ve noticed on ManyVids that you have quite a few cum compilations on there. About how many facials do you think you’ve taken over the past few years? Are there some that haven’t made the cut?

– I’ve taken countless facials over the years. I started taking them long before I ever started filming or taking still pics of them. Obviously now I try to capture as many on film as possible. There are a few, though, that haven’t made the cut for one reason or another. Bad lighting, I wasn’t happy with how it turned out, etc.

What’s better for you, a nice facial or a load on your wonderful 42DDs?

-Facials. No question. Few things turn me on more. Not that I don’t like getting cum on my tits (I do), but it’s just not on the same level as having cum run down my face and then on to my tits

What got you interested in making clips and really making porn altogether?

-Well, for years my hubby and I had been taking pics for our own private use. Then we transitioned into sharing some of those pics on various forums because we realized what a huge turn on it was for us to have other people to have a glimpse into our bedroom. We were so well received that eventually I decided to make a real go of it. So far so good!

Now a few non-sexy questions: Coffee or Tea?

-Coffee! Can’t start my morning without it.

Favorite food?


Favorite vacation spot?

-Anywhere there is warm sun and a beach.

Favorite drink?


Out of the most recent batch of videos you’ve posted to ManyVids, what’s your favorite?

-Probably my newest one; “October Fuck Fest” It was supposed to be released prior to Halloween, but due to some technical issues it wasn’t released until three weeks later. It’s over 20 minutes (I think my longest vid ever), and I think I look really cute in the beer maid outfit.

Any big plans for the holidays?

-Nothing crazy. No travel plans. Just staying close to home.

Any major news you’d like to share with us?

-Yes! I’ll be making my BBWCON debut in July! I’m very excited about going to Vegas for that event. It’ll be a great opportunity to meet industry folks and more importantly to meet my fans. If you’ve ever wanted to meet me or take a picture with me topless this is your chance. Lots of planning to do before then, but it should be a great time. Also, I have some potential shoots do while I’m out there. If anybody else is interested in booking me some time during that weekend please hit me up on Twitter. My availability will be limited, so the sooner you reach out to me the better. I also have some potential professional shoots coming up in the new year, so stay tuned for that. I’ll share details on Twitter as soon as everything is finalized.

Thanks again for your time, anything you wanna say before you go?

– Well, first off, thank you to Bewbie Reviews for their continued support. And I would just wish all of my fans a safe and happy holiday season. Keep an eye out on Twitter for sales, specials, and contests from now until New Year’s! 2015 has been a great year for me and everyone should look forward to 2016 to be an even better year. Love you all!! xoxo


Lastly, here’s a few screens from Mandi’s latest videos, which you can pick up over at her ManyVids store:

As always, you can follow Mandi on Twitter @MandiFlame and we’re on Twitter too! @BewbieBlog.


Ever wanted to be in a Mariah Leonne clip? Here’s your chance!

Well, sort of.

We have had so many page views and great reviews of our interview with cam girl Mariah Leonne, we’ve decided to go back for more.

And this time it’ll be on tape.

When I interviewed Mariah the first time almost two months ago, I never imagined that we’d begin a partnership that has so far been fruitful to both of us. So now, I’m passing on my interviewing duties to you, her fans. Mariah is pretty much an open book, but don’t dig too deep. Keep it fun. Leave your questions in the comments!

Your questions will be featured in an upcoming video here on the blog AND a special clip on her ManyVids page soon.

Skye High: Our Interview with Cameron Skye

This weeks’ Between the Bewbies finds us looking at the Skye. Bad pun, I know.  I first found Cameron through an ad for (of course) and a few photos from Scoreland. We’ve built a friendship on twitter, and she approached me about wanting to do an interview. Of course I obliged! And now I present our interview with Cameron Skye.



BB: Can you give us your measurements?

CS: 48-33-41

BB: When did you start to develop? Was it a slow process, or did it happen all in one growth spurt?

CS: I was 10 when my breasts started to grow.  I’d say it’s been slow, they just keep getting bigger.

BB: What got you into camming?

CS: I started last summer kind of on a whim.  I bought a webcam and just thought I’d try it out since so many other models are so successful with it. 

BB: What got you into modeling?

CS: I started just modeling for nude and erotic pictures for my husband.  He ended up setting up a Model Mayhem profile for me.  I started getting more and more requests to model, and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity.


BB: Which one do you have more fun doing, camming or modeling?

CS: I love them both!  They are both so different, but fun in their own ways.  I love the immediate feedback and interaction with my fans from camming.  I also love getting dressed up and being in front of the camera to model.  I don’t think I’d pick one over the other.  

BB: You’ve done some modeling for Scoreland. What is it like to work with them?

CS: Yes, I loved it!  Working for Scoreland is so much fun!  I love being the center of attention, and they certainly know how to make a girl feel like that.


BB: Have you thought about having your own website?

CS: Yes, definitely!  I’ve been editing content for my clips4sale store, so I’ll be opening that soon.  And I’m sure I’ll do a website eventually.  

BB: What’s a normal day like for you?

CS: Wake up, go to the gym.  During the school year I go to class or study through most of the day, then take a nap.  After dinner I sign in to cam.  Once I’m done camming I like to watch TV or read to unwind, then bed.

BB: How do you prepare for shoots? Camshows?

CS: It totally depends on the shoot.  In advance, I usually buy new lingerie and outfits.  On the day of the shoot sometimes I just shower and show up if hair and makeup are provided.  Otherwise, I’ll style my hair and makeup myself for the shoot.  To get ready for a camshow, I set up my camera and lights, wash my toys, and touch up my hair and makeup.  

BB: Name a hobby most people wouldn’t think you have.

CS: I’m a total MMA junkie.  I’m starting to train in Mui Thai and Jui Jitsu.  

BB: How can new fans reach you online?

CS:The easiest place to find me online is on Twitter @Cameron_Skye_ or on Streamate

    I’m also a comic book character,

Thanks again, Cameron!


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