Sometimes here at BewbieReviews, we like to make you think. Today’s task is, what do you remember about yourself at age 19?

For me, I was in my second year of college, and had yet to meet my first girlfriend. Now, at almost 27, I look those years somewhat in amazement. I couldn’t legally drink a beer yet here in the states, and even though at 18 you’re said to be an adult, you still need your parents to help you with things.

I asked this question, because today’s interview is with 19 year old Callie Klein. Callie is a relative newcomer to the porn scene, but she has close to 15 scenes under her belt. With just over 22,000 loyal #Calliefornians on twitter, she’s gaining quite the following. Inside, we go pretty in depth with Callie. She was feeling a bit under the weather during this interview but, we thank her for answering everything, and being… well… fantastic.

BR: So, how did you get started in the industry?

CK: I got started in the industry over a year ago by having a fetish shoot for to help pay for damage to my car. I really loved being naked on camera and through the photographer, I started webcam modeling, and it was really fun. As I grew into my body confidence, I began looking into porn producers on twitter and finally got in contact with Buzz Aziani who shot my first scene-which was a gangbang creampie- on Feb. 19, 2016!

BR: Awesome! So you’re coming up on a year! Has life changed much for you?

CK: Oh definitely! My whole life has changed- the person I am and the people I surround myself. I’ve grown to be confident and outspoken- I never used to be that way. I would shy away from standing up for myself. But now I don’t let others make me feel less of the person I am. I also surround myself with open, honest people and its made me comfortable with being just as open and honest.


BR: If someone were checking your work out for the first time, what scene would you show them?

CK: I would show them my first scene, which was the gangbang for and I would show them my first anal scen for Both scenes I am really proud of!

BR: You self book yourself for scenes. Any specific reaon for why you do it primarily by yourself?

CK: I have always depended on others to take care of me and handle my life, but when I turned 19 I decided I’m too old for that crap so once my contract with my agencies went up, I just started self-booking. I love the freedom and independency of it. Also it makes me feel better about myself because now someone isn’t booking me to do scenes I’m not comfortable with.

BR: Makes sense. What are you most comfortable with, and what are you not so comfortable with?

CK: I’m comfortable with doing a lot. I just am not comfortable with getting booked for scenes without my prior consent.

BR: Ah, that makes perfect sense. Any role models or people you go to for advice?

CK: My dad. He’s my rock and my best friend. He also owns a gay porn company and I go to him for advice about the industry all the time. My dad and I have been close for as long as I can remember!

BR: Now that’s amazing! What’s a normal day like for you?

CK: A normal day usually consists of me playing video games while cuddling my cats! I also eat chips pretty much everyday. (laughs)

BR: When I saw your most recent shoot for, you mentioned that you love cum on your face a lot, is that true?

CK: Yes, I love it! And I love blowbangs!

BR: What do you want people to know the most about Callie Klein?

CK: I guess I want people to know that I’m a real human being. I have feelings just like everyone else- being a sex worker does not give anyone the right to make me feel less of myself, and I feel a lot of the time people treat me that way. I’m just an average 19 year old girl who loves World of Warcraft and cats!

BR: Anything upcoming you wanna promote or any appearances you’ll be making soon?

CK: I will be starting to stream video games on Twitch, and I’m so excited to do so!! So follow me now on twitch- that way you’ll be notified once I go online for twitch for the first time! It’s

We thank Callie for her time, and stay tuned for more with her on the site! I’ll hopefully have another interview with her soon.

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