BTB: Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Tiggle Bitties

It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten our hands on an interview, and we got some Tig ol Bitties for ya.

Or shall I say, Tiggle Bitties.

I first got introduced to Tig in August of last year. I believe ZombiesAndBoobs from twitter pointed her out to me (Jeff has a great eye for talent..). Tig was a part of the first Cleavage Cup, placing 5th. It wasn’t until after the cup did our friendship start to blossom. I joined her site last fall, and even helped beta test the app (we get into that during the interview). Some of you may remember Tig as Destina, a model over at ATK. Since then she has modeled for YesBoobs and Score’s plethora of sites. We get into humble beginnings, future plans, and even food, all in the interview!

It seems like 2015 was the year of the Tig. Can you explain your amazing year?
2015 felt a little like The Year of Tig… I guess mostly because it was a pretty brand new undertaking for me. I was working an office job previous to Tig and I just HATED it! It paid me well, I had all the bennies you could want and a HUGE house. I was miserable. I finally parted ways with that company in April and Tiggle was born in May. I remember just sitting at my home office desk and just thinking… why not? I’ll just start with Tit Signs and we’ll see what happens… that was nearly a year ago! Since then I have launched my own production company, Productions, which has created content for my own site as well as for ELM,,, and even brands like I’ve also done roughly 20 separate projects for The Score Group and it’s mags. It’s been a WILD ride!
Most people who know you or follow you know that this isn’t your first time modeling, but when did you realize you wanted to do modeling?
I have always felt like modeling might be on the horizon for me. My mother tried to push me in to commercial modeling as a kid and I just wasn’t ready. I thought about it pretty seriously in college but It felt like that was really cliche and typical. It wasn’t until I got with an old girlfriend and *started* to become more comfortable with my sexuality that I really started pursuing modeling. I began on LiveJasmin and… Gawd, what’s the name of that other one?…. Crap! Well, all I remember is that their pay rate was awful. Lol! Anyways, my partner and I cammed a bit and then I took some modeling jobs with ATK and WeAreHairy. Although the experience wasn’t a bad one, I just really wasn’t ready. If you look at the old pictures from the “Destina” era, my face is pretty dead. I wasn’t connecting at all to the material. It was just a job. It wasn’t until Tiggle was born, last year, that I felt whole enough to really embrace the play and fun of sex and adult modeling.
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As far as I know, you are one of the only models with their own app. How did that come about?
The app… Oh goodness! Well, to be honest, I have been slacking a bit on updating the app. (tehe) I guess I’ll have to give it a good update with the publishing of this interview, huh?
Anyways, the app. Well, part of my goal with my career in the adult entertainment industry is to bring it more into the public realm. Sex is nothing to be ashamed of. The only reason we hide it is because of a very old puritanical ideal that no longer stands true for the majority of us. AND, it’s a great way to keep up with me! It is one central place to get all of my Social Media, Websites, FREE pics, and even my own social network, Tig Nation!
What’s the best and worst thing about having 38MM boobs? Does it ever get a little awkward in public?
The best thing about my bewbs is this AWESOME career I have! While I think I probably would’ve picked the same thing without them, I think having them has helped lift my career off the ground. The worst thing about them is that they’re in the way… there are just so many things I can’t do because they are literally IN THE WAY. Lol! Public definitely gets awkward sometimes but usually only when people leer. I hate the leering. It just feels so… yucky!
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What makes you happy every day?
The thread that strings my happy days together is my CHOICE to live the life I want. I live a *very* unconventional life but it fits me so well, much better than any time that I’ve tried to fit myself into society’s box.
Describe your partner in crime, Cap. How long have you guys known each other and what’s it like having him as a co-star sometimes?
My partner in crime! How true!! Lol. Yes, well, he is not just my partner in my business but he’s also my life partner. We have been friends for… about 17 years! Wow, it’s been a while. We dated on and off in middle and high school but it wasn’t until about 3ish years ago that we committed to each other. What is he like as a co-star? As a “co-star” he’s a lot of fun and quite able to be flexible (pun intended)… BUT he’s also my director, set tech, lighting guy and editor… and he is ANAL RETENTIVE! It can get a little frustrating at times, when I’m tired or grumpy, but he makes the product *so* amazing looking, so I try not to complain. Lol!
What’s your favorite meal?
My favorite meal… Well, that’s hard because my favorite food is cheese but finding a WHOLE meal of cheese seems problematic (in many ways), so… I think a piece of Filet Mignon (done extremely well) with a side of baked potato and seared green beans would be pretty close to perfect!
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What’s your favorite thing to do when not working or filming?
If I’m not working, I’m almost definitely creating something. Sometimes that is painting a mural. Sometimes is penning a poem/short story. Sometimes it’s creating little books. Sometimes it’s wood-burning a set of blocks for a nearby preschool room. Sometimes it’s knitting (I *love* knitting scarves for the homeless!). I’m pretty much constantly *making* something.
What’s a day in the life of Tig like?
A Day in the Life of Tig… I wake up at 7, nearly on the dot. I lay in bed, taking in the sound of birds serenading the new day. At about 8, Cap wakes up and we smoke our morning bowl. We invite our kid and fur baby into bed for snuggle at about 830. I eat at about 9 or 10 and we usually spend the morning as a family. Cap cooks lunch around noon thirty, after which we get a solid 2 hours of adult only time. Tehe! In the afternoons, I will work for a bit some days. While other days I might go into town to visit my Girlfriend. We usually reconvene around 6ish for dinner (thanks to Cap!). We put our kiddo to bed and then we are up until 11p-12a working, creating, loving… you know, adulty stuff. And then we do it all again!
Most days kinda bleed into each other, with no completely set schedule. I don’t typically know exactly what day of the week it is. πŸ™‚
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years, I would love to still be putting some great energy into Tiggle… however, (and you are the first person to officially hear this) I would like to split up my attention with Tiggle into 2 different branches: Tiggle, the Adult Model, and Tig, the Intimacy/Life Coach. I would like Tig to be a large portion of what I spend my time doing… I really feel the need to get into the more therapeutic arena of sexual/sensuality.
Where else can people keep up with you on social media?
Folks can keep up with me on Instagram (@Bit.O.Tiggle), Twitter (Tiggle_Bitties), Tumblr (tiggle-bitties-38j), Pinterest (@TigBitties38j) and my Blog (!
Anything you’d like to add for your new and old fans?
Two last things: A) Please keep your eyes peeled for changes coming to the Tiggle Bitties brand! Big things are happening! B) Bewbie, you are amazing! Outside of, I haven’t given any other interviews. I love that I feel like I’m talking to a friend. To all my fans and yours, check out @BewbieBlog! He is an awesome person and does good things for our industry!! All my love, Muah!
We thank Tig for the interview and fansign, and we look forward to seeing what Tig is up to in the very near future!
Enjoy some bonus gifs!

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