The dictionary definition of a Sapphire is as follows:

“a transparent precious stone, typically blue, that is a variety of corundum.”

That could also go for the newest BBW website on the scene, I was first introduced to Sapphire a few weeks back, but just recently I was given access to her site.


Still in the midst of adding new picsets and video to her site, there is not a lot to choose from. However, what is there will surprise you. The beginning photosets are more softcore.


When you reach the welcome page, you are greeted with a 1:25 minute video of Sapphire and her man playing around. He is seen eating her pussy, and then the video switches to a nice doggystyle session.

Once you are logged in, you will see the latest vids and pics. The current video is a 51 second massive facial that Sapphire has taken. The photoset shows the aftermath.


While there is not a lot of content as of this writing, i am excited to see what Sapphire has planned for the future. She’s already clued me in on a few things, but I guess you’ll just have to join to find out! Trials start at $4, and $19.99 gets you month long access!

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