Best of 2016: Jalande Jaguar

When you think of a Jaguar, two things more than likely come to mind.

There’s the animal, fast in speed who demands respect in any jungle they’re in. There’s the sports car that can do speeds over 200 miles per hour, and if driven wrong it will hurt you.

And then there’s Jalande Jaguar. And she just might be a little bit of both rolled into one.


Sunkissed in color, Jalande lights up a room with her smile whenever she walks into one. Be it the park, or a night on Bourbon St, she never stops smiling. Of course you can’t miss her chest. As of a few months ago when we talked, she measures up at a whopping 38K all natural. While her breasts can draw attention as soon as she walks into a room, she’s hard to miss. But act quickly, like a jaguar she could be out of your sight in an instant.

Not only does Jalande model, she’s put together some great videos. She has done a tribute to Kitten, has dressed as Wonder Woman, Mrs. Parker from Friday, A Member of the JFL (her own personal football team!), and even does shout out videos every once in a while for her legion of fans.






Jalande is already a great model with a great plan. And though there is more than likely no chance we will ever see her nude in any shape or form, she still has the chance to make a bigger impact by leaving things to the imagination. She calls it #VisualViagra. I submit her as a best of 2016 because this year has been incredible for her, and I see 2017 being just as great.




  • Hello!
    This interview with Jalande Jaguar in December last year, did she really quote saying “She calls it #VisualViagra”? I see this hashtag on her Instagram account, please clarify what it means. I’m not that savvy with today’s new terminologies. Other than her Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts, there is very little out there.

    Also I attempted few times to register to this forum here but kept getting a “suspected bot message? Looking forward to feedback, Thank you!

    • Hey Tony!

      What she means by #VisualViagra is that she can really get you going through her photos, without the help of an erectile dysfunction pill! That’s her own brand of medicine.

      As for our forums, don’t join them just yet. I’m working on a new forum for fans to use.

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