An Introduction to Rene Love

Sometimes the best things happen to you late at night, or so I’ve found out since joining Twitter almost two years ago.

To start the story, I have to go back a few weeks. Someone had told me about a model they thought I’d love to follow or interract with. Most times I do at least follow, even if we only talk a few times. It’s still always good to help promote others, even if sometimes they don’t acknowledge your help. I’ve learned in life that sometimes just spreading the word can help. I was introduced to the world of Rene Love. Rene doesn’t tweet all that much but it doesn’t mean that her social media knack isn’t on point.

Like most of the models I follow or blog about, Rene is very busty. A 36P to be exact. She is not afraid to play to her strengths, though as she can balance the line between tease and all out sexuality very well. When you look past the obvious you’ll find out that she’s a gamer, a sports fan and an avid smiler.

A few nights ago, after retweeting a few of her photos and links, she called me out.. Normally I’m a little leery of being called out because I’m scared i’ve done something wrong or overshared. But it was just thanking me for the support and retweets.



I decided to shoot my shot, and ask if she would be down for a feature on the blog. What I learned a few days ago from another model, and soon to be feature Aulora Sans, is that you can’t be afraid to go after things you want or to try for it. The worst she could do is say no, and I’d move on. I’d of been content with no, and I would have continued to support her. She’s down for the feature, and I couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of working with her. It’ll be huge for her brand and everything, at least it’s what I hope for.

Rene currently has a ton of ways you can find her content and keep in touch with her. She has a ConnectPal that is $7.99 a month and it is the place to get all of her content for one set price. She also has a ManyVids account, and clips4sale store as well. And as always, you can follow her on twitter.

Expect to see my interview with Rene dropping soon, and to hold you over, here are a few goodies:




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