An Editorial.

From time to time around here, I’m probably gonna pop in and say a piece about some things I’ve noticed or seen. It’s all opinion, and in the long run won’t probably garner a lot of page views. I’m okay with that.

Its the holiday season. Sometimes you’ll see pleas for helping the homeless or less fortunate during this time. As the nights get colder and the conditions outside worsen, there are few resources available. Which is quite a shame.

Along my Twitter timeline, I’ve seen quite a few GoFundMe pages asking for help this Christmas. At first you might say, “Why are you asking for help? Aren’t my tips or tokens enough?”

Truth be told, they’re not.

Now before I’m chased with pitchforks, rakes and dildos set aflame, let me explain that thought:

In the great landscape of the world today, it’s hard to live on minimum wage. People live below the poverty line in every city. A fact that can’t really go unnoticed. While minimum wage and the city you live in may not apply for camming, the math on tokens and tips does.

You see it all over your timeline. Now more than ever, models are not standing for broadcasting to a full room with no one to talk to or no one tipping. And they’re right to do that. Monthly you come up with plans, show ideas, themed days, etc. and depending on how traffic is going it either goes well or it goes horribly wrong. While it’s not your duty to tip, it is your duty to make someone feel comfortable. Even if you only tip once, you’re helping. It’s how you can become a regular.  It’s how to get your voice heard.

Back to the subject of charity. My good friends Tiggle Bitties and Daytona Hale have two different stories, but one common plea: a little help.

Tiggle Bitties, or Tig as I call her has been a friend since the late summer. She was a contestant in the Cleavage Cup and has shot for YesBoobs in the time since. Over the last month Tig has been working hard on and off of the camera. Her and Cap recently sold their 4 bedroom home and bought a trailer that will double as a home and a studio. While that was going on, their car broke down. Repairs were in the thousands for a rebuilt engine. While that goes on there are a few roadblocks. The closest bus stop is 5 miles away, and as the temperatures change that walk is getting colder.  Tig has a GoFundMe page set up currently over on her Twitter, If you’re interested in helping.

Daytona’s story is a little different. Daytona wants to give her family the Christmas they have never had. She’s asking for donations to help offset the costs of gifts for her brothers, sisters and parents. We have all been down that road where as the holidays close in and money gets tight we start to wonder what the Holidays will look like for our family. I’ve been there as recently as the year before last.

I am not begging you or pleading you to help, I’m asking if at this time you can give what you can if you have a little extra this season. A little help goes a long way for everyone. And if you’re not interested in Tig or Daytona’s stories there are a million charities that could use your help as well.

Happy Holidays, and One Love.

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