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Cher Azur

Official Website of Cher Azur The Goth Dream Girl

Introducing “Inside:”

For 2016, I wanted to introduce some new features for the site. One of those features is “Inside:”. Inside: is going to be different from our interviews. Inside will attempt to show a different side of cam girls, porn stars, directors and other bloggers.

There will be times where we tackle social issues, life issues and everyday things. Sometimes it’ll be humorous, other times heartbreaking.

For now, we don’t have anyone lined up for this feature, but if you know anyone interested in talking with us about an issue or something on their minds, get in touch with me.


Busty Sarah Rae In Motion: Bigger and Longer

If you follow us over on twitter, you may remember a little gif featurette we did called “Sarah Rae, in Motion.” Well, allow us to expand on that.

Using clips from a few of of her videos available on ManyVids (Trying to Button Up & Tits Bigger Than Your GF), we’re gonna put you imagination to the test. As is the rule with YesBoobs and Sarah, we can’t include nudity but we can get extremely extremely close to it.. without showing it.


Trying to Button Up:


Bigger Tits Than Your GF

Of course, to get your hands on this video, click the video names above the GIFs. And of course support Sarah and her massive boobies on ManyVids, and YesBoobs! Join YesBoobs by clicking on the boobs down on the side of the blogs.

#MyTop5: Mandi Flame’s Favorite Facials of 2015!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a safe and healthy night.

Our first post of 2016 is about a lady we featured three times in 2015, Mandi Flame! I had the bright idea of taking Mandi to task and asking her for her five favorite facials of this year. After a few days of deliberating, Mandi gave me a pretty good list. See if you agree, frosty finishes included:

Mandi Services the Serviceman


Bathroom Blowjob


Slut Wife Mandi Gets Fucked


Mandi Gives an After Work Cocksucking


Kitchen Cocksucker


Well to me, I believe Mandi Services the Serviceman may have taken the cake. But don’t take my word for it, go to Mandi’s ManyVids right now, and follow her on twitter @MandiFlame!



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