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Cher Azur

Official Website of Cher Azur The Goth Dream Girl

Tumblr Spotlight: The Mystique of Dejaentedevil


About a year or so ago, I was surfing tumblr and I came across a topless photo. Of course you’re always gonna see topless photos hanging around if you’re running an NSFW tumblr,  and of course there was no caption because along the way it got deleted. But I was interested in finding the main source.

And that’s when I found the Devil.



The quiet but confident 23 year old has been a bewbieblog fixture for almost a whole year, even at times submitting to us. It’s always welcome, and her photos always make a lot of noise (good noise of course) on the blog.

Measuring up at a 38DDD, Deja isn’t afraid to show off her curves. From her boobs to her butt, Deja has it. And she flaunts it.



As you may have seen me mention on twitter, you can get Deja’s snapchat! It’s a one-time only $13 payment, or you can get it if you purchase something off of her wishlist. You can find her wishlist on tumblr. She is also running a snapchat photoset deal, which you can ask her about on tumblr as well. Here are a few samples of what you can expect on snapchat:

   tumblr_nogcr5eeG41smf70mo2_400     tumblr_nogcr5eeG41smf70mo1_400


Of course if you abuse your privileges, you will lose them.  Do pay attention to everything Deja says about her snapchat. I’d hate to see it stopped because someone does something stupid.

You can check out Deja here, and give her a follow!

Latest Updates: Sarah Rae Gets You Ready for Summer, Kitty McPherson Cools You Down

Time for another check-in on my favorite busty model site,  Since we’ve last checked in, our fearless leader Sarah Rae has grown! Sarah now sports an enormous 36JJ Cup, and if you would believe it, she’s still growing! To get ready for summer, Sarah sports her new 36J Bikini top, and she fills it out quite well.

Makes ya wonder if Sarah’s boobs taste like a great blue Popsicle. Of course Sarah doesn’t leave out one of your favorite things for her to do…

Of course she sports one of the best handbras in the business. To see more of Sarahs’s set and an exclusive 7 minute video of Sarah’s 36 JJ juggs in action, check out YesBoobs! for more.


Up next comes a photoset with the lovely Kitty McPherson. Kitty feels extra naughty tonight, and she’s down for some nipple play. Kitty then pulls out her M cups for some fun with ice.  There’s a whole three page photoset with Kitty, and a video to be posted later this week!

As always, keep your eyes peeled for more updates from YesBoobs! They’re always on the hunt for the best and bustiest, and some you’ve never heard of. So click here to check out YesBoobs. And let them know bewbie sent you!

Your Chance to Get Up Close and Personal with Peyton Thomas


Face it. You love the new sensation, Peyton Thomas. Denying yourself would be horrible.

And by love, I mean everything. From her smile to those all natural 40 N cup breasts, and everything in between. You’ve probably wondered or dreamed about what a date with Peyton would be like.


Well now, here’s your chance.

Peyton is now offering her services as an escort. For more information on rates and such, you can get in touch with Peyton on twitter @PeytonThomas15. Peyton has been bouncing the idea around for a while, and she’s now ready to offer it. Don’t miss out on the chance of a lifetime to get a chance to meet and hang out with this mega busty sensation. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even get this lucky.


Introducing Vendetta Gold: 10 Questions with Vendetta

They say a watched pot never boils.

Vendetta Gold will aim to change that.

Over the last three months, I’ve had the privilege of watching the metoric rise of Vendetta Gold.  Vendetta has the motivation and drive of someone who has been in this industry 10+ years, but her service time has been a little under three months. As you will see in this exclusive interview,  this is only the beginning.



1. What sparked your interest in becoming a Cam-Girl and performing online?

About a year ago, I was out for drinks and met a gorgeous girl at a bar. We exchanged numbers and she eventually reached out to me about possibly having me as a “guest” on her cam show for a ‘Girl on Girl’ scene. I was actually shocked by it and quickly declined. However, it sparked my interest and I actually began watching girls perform in front of the camera and I was hooked! I had so many questions and ultimately decided that I wanted to pursue it. So here I am, about 3 months in and I’m excited to see what’s next!

2. The name Vendetta Gold… what made you choose that name?

Pursuing the Cam-Girl experience, I wanted to make sure it was something I would enjoy and that it would feed my alter ego when it comes to sexual fantasies and adventures. I enjoy being watched, I enjoy the attention, and I really enjoy the role play aspect. So the concept of a mask, wearing a different face, and enjoying a different part of my personality and sexuality is what ultimately created the name… Vendetta Gold.

3. What does the label ‘BBW’ mean to you?

I’m not a fan of labels, or titles.. my personality enjoys going against the norm. For me personally, I feel as though all women are beautiful and attractive.. regardless of their shape, their size, their color, and so forth. I enjoy feeling sexy, I enjoy dressing up, I enjoy the role play, and to me… it’s all about confidence. And hopefully other women can see that regardless of your weight or size, you can feel sexy and you can pursue your personal sexual desires and fantasies. Sex and pleasure can be enjoyed by everyone.


4. What have you enjoyed most about the social media experience as Vendetta Gold?

It has been such an overwhelmingly positive experience so far on Twitter! Each day is a new adventure. I get to explore, escape, interact, and try different things to continue interacting with fans — while still keeping it enjoyable and sexy! I also enjoy getting feedback and allowing my followers to get involved, tell me what they like, what they want to see, and I do my best to make sure I deliver for them.

5. What are some other areas of interests for you? Where else could we see Vendetta Gold in the near future? 

Right now, I continue to learn more about the different options and sexy adventures I can pursue. For me personally, I would love to do some BBW modeling as I’ve always enjoyed playing dress up. I have also been learning more about the Comic Book industry… as I’ve received some interest in ‘Vendetta Gold’ the comic book character. So that is definitely something I’d like to pursue.. especially if she’s going to be a sexy villain!

6. Would you ever consider doing any hardcore scenes?

That’s a great question. So far, I’ve received 3 requests from companies wanting to do hardcore scenes. As of right now, it’s not something I am going to pursue. However, in the right scenario, I would definitely consider a “Girl on Girl” scene.


7. Are there any ladies in particular that you would like to work with?

I’m still learning, I’m still exploring, and focusing more on gaining experience in this industry. There are definitely a few ladies that I am very appreciative of as they have been very helpful, supportive, and encouraging — Sinful Celeste, Kylie Smith, and Annie Aplenty to name a few. In terms of a play date, I definitely have a crush on several sexy ladies and would be open to working with quite of a few them!

8. What message would you like to share with your fans?

Honestly, with just a couple months into this amazing experience.. I can’t say “Thank You” enough for all the love and positive reaction from fans and followers. I’m really looking forward to the next chapter of Vendetta Gold and I’m excited to share the story and the sexy experience with those that continue to support and encourage me! It’s going to be a fun, sexy ride…

9. What’s next for Vendetta Gold? Any upcoming projects you’d like to share with us?

It’s an exciting time right now.. couple different projects are in the works. Created an account with where I’ll be sharing some new sexy videos. Will also be doing Skype shows and I’ll be doing live Cam Shows on the site. I’m also in talks about a possible ‘Girl on Girl’ scene this summer.. which I’m really looking forward to!


10. How can fans interact with you and keep tabs on the latest updates for Vendetta Gold?

I really enjoy keeping in touch with fans and interacting with them! It’s been the best part of this experience. Right now, I’m using primarily my Twitter account.. but I’ve just recently started using Instagram as well. Some time in the near future, I’ll be working on launching my own website which is something I’m really excited about! Providing fans and members of the site with a very different twist to some really sexy scenes and adventures!

Final Words:

Just want to say THANK YOU to the Bewbie Blog for all the love, the support, and for this awesome ’10 Questions’ feature! Keep up the great work!


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