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Cher Azur

Official Website of Cher Azur The Goth Dream Girl

Samanta Lily May Just #BreakTheInternet with these latest selfies

In December of last year, Kim Kardashian covered Paper Magazine. Well she was uncovered, so to speak. The object of the article and pictorial was Paper’s attempt at sending the internet into a frenzy. For the most part it achieved exactly what the magazine was looking for.

Fast forward about six months. Samantha Lily may be a contender for 2015’s prize.


The above selfie, or chestie or whatever you wanna call it was posted on May 12th, with the caption of “I can barely see my feet.”  With 32J breasts, it’s easy to see why. This photo only served as foreshadowing for a few future photos from Sam.


If a bra could barely contain her gigantic chest, just imagine what a handbra looks like.  Fret not, Sam has you covered not once but twice in the past 48 hours.

sambreak1  sambreak3

Now that’s maximum strength boobage. You know it’s a lot of boob when you’re on the verge of breaking through your own handbra. You could get lost for hours in Sam’s cleavage. I’m quite sure you wouldn’t mind one bit.





Of course, who doesn’t mind a nice mirror selfie? We get all of Sam’s wonderful body, and even a look at those wonderful eyes.

So we’re in agreement that Sam is the leader in the clubhouse for breaking the internet, right?

Any questions? No? Didn’t think so.

Layton Benton is really, really, really, ridiculously good at selfies.

Happy Titty Tuesday everybody.

The other night, I came to a grand conclusion. If you follow Layton Benton on twitter, you already know what I mean. Layton Benton takes some amazing selfies. Be they clothed or nude, Miss Benton slays in every photo. A few examples:

She once stated on twitter, “My boobs are massive and real.” I’m not gonna be the one to doubt that.  A few more examples. I know you all like examples.

I heard she likes being sneaky in the doctors office.  At least that’s what she said about the black bra photo.

Of course Miss Benton likes to keep everyone entertained.

But don’t just follow one of my favorites on twitter for the selfies, follow her for, well.. everything. She’ll keep you laughing and entertained very well. Maybe you already knew that.


Vendetta Gold answers fans’ questions during #AskVendetta

About a month ago, I was on twitter just doing the usual. Retweeting, promoting, etc.. if you’re on twitter, you know what you know about it.

Anyway. My good friend Jeff (@zombiesandboobs) pointed me in the direction of young lady by the name of Vendetta Gold. Mind you, this was the same day we discovered Tabatha (@LaBuffette) and interviewee Annie Aplenty (@AnnieAplenty). Vendetta instantly blew me away with her red hair and her gratuitous amounts of cleavage. We DM’d back and forth and she asked about our site features. To make a long story short, we started a partnership. We bounce ideas off each other and such. One such idea she had was #AskVendetta. A hashtag for the sole purpose of getting to know her better. And now I present some great examples of questions to ask and ones answered!

“What’s your favorite thing to do away from twitter?” -@incredibleglory

On if she has any tattoos:

When asked if she could make out with any woman, who would it be:

Then she got a bit literal in her answer:

Oh, and then there was this softball question I threw out there about Lingerie:

All in all, it was a great turnout! To see more questions and responses, check out Vendetta Gold on twitter @VendettaGold, and stay tuned here for more updates!

Melody Meadows Shines In Her Debut for YesBoobs!

A few days back you may have seen me post a review of the last few updates for our friends over at  I return today to review the video of Melody Meadows.



If you’ve never heard of Melody, don’t worry. She’s new to modeling. Anxious at first, Melody got a little help and inspiration from her boyfriend who told her how hot the thought of other guys jacking off to her huge natural breasts would be to him. Melody also originally thought she was a size DD in bras, but as shown in a future update on (Preview video is on the site), she has been wearing the wrong size for quite a while. After a proper measurement by none other than Sarah Rae, we come to find out that Melody is an HH Cup.  36 HH to be exact. Yes, bold and italicized for emphasis.

Now  in our featured review video, Melody can be seen in a black tank top and skirt. As the video progresses, Melody reveals more and more until she is totally topless. She then begins to massage those 36 HH boobs with some lotion. The clip features a lot of boob play, enough to make any big breast fan very happy and want more. Hand bras galore. You could never really tell that this is Melody’s first time on film, as she doesn’t cam or have a twitter.

As of right now, she’s another diamond picked out by the team over at YesBoobs, who work very hard to find you the best and bustiest out there. They take input from their fans, and they have awesome deals for joining. As low as $15 a month gets you some of the biggest breasts on the net, and exclusive videos and photos you won’t see anywhere else.  So join up with YesBoobs! Big and only getting bigger!

New at YesBoobs: Melody Meadows, Sarah & Harlow Oil Up, Samanta Lily and More!

You may remember over on that I advertised really really really heavy. You may also remember I told you the breast was yet to come.  I don’t like to lie, so of course I meant it. Here’s a roundup of the last three updates to the site:

Latest photoset: Lounging with Melody

Since this is the first time I’ve found out about Melody, I’ll let the good folks over at YesBoobs give a brief synopsis:

Check out this 18 year old with 36 double H boobs!
Melody had a fantastic time modeling for This is her modeling debut. She originally wasn’t sure if she could go through with it and got very anxious. Her boyfriend talked her into it, stating how hot he thought it would be to know that other guys are jacking off to her huge, natural tits. We have a boob measuring video where we find out that Melody has been wearing ill-fitting DD cup bras when her boobs are really a HH. They have been causing her nipples to be sore at the end of a long day working. Melody is the girl next door. She has never been on webcam or in front of the camera. This is a first for her and also a first for Sarah Rae! Sarah’s never played with another girl’s boobs before. We have a video where Sarah & Melody oil up each others’ tits. It was a lot of fun and we can’t wait to show you more inside!
Melody is not on Twitter and does not cam.

It’s always good to see a new model on the scene. Melody really embodies what YesBoobs is all about. It was nice to read that she trusted the site enough to release her first set with them,  and it was also awesome that during the bra measurement video (that I can’t wait to see!) they were able to determine that Melody had been wearing the wrong size bra. As much as it seems like a nice fetish to look at, it can’t be much fun to be wearing the wrong size for the person who owns that chest. Sarah and company strike again!

Latest video:  Sarah Rae and Harlow Nyx oil up!

The biggest boobs in her town (Harlow Nyx) meet some of the biggest boobs around (Sarah Rae) in this fun and messy oil video.  Sarah asks Harlow why she got into modeling, and Harlow immediately goes to her all-natural 36G Cup breasts and answers with “I just have really big boobs and I needed to do something with them” and that no matter what job she worked at attention came to them. I admit, I’d be hard pressed to look away from a beauty such as Harlow.  Soon the clip transitions to a shower, where Sarah and Harlow pull out the baby oil. It’s messy, but the good kind of messy.  By the end, the massively chested pair are hanging their boobs over the outside of the tub for fun. A clip you can only see over at


Arousing Ashlie in “School Girl Double D’s!”

Friend of the twitter fam and the first ever model for Arousing Ashlie returns to the site in a lotion clip.  People do different things to end their school or work day. Ashlie comes home from a hard day of classes and massages her DD Cup boobs, in a lovely outfit and thigh-high socks. This 6 minute clip has it all: the lotioning, stripping, and an ending you just have to see to believe!


Samanta Lily in “White Lace”

Russian sensation and another friend of the family, Samanta Lily hooks up with YesBoobs.  It’s like a match made in big bust heaven. Meant to be, even. The photoset is like a Sears catalog, except no Sears catalog got this risque. Not even that one in 1996. Okay, I barely remember 1996. I’m rabbling. Anyway, Sam stuns us again. Everything about this set feels so natural. Not to say Sam’s work with PinupFiles hasn’t been amazing, but this set gives you an at home feeling. Great job by Sam and the good folks over at YesBoobs. I hear there is more to come, and i’m excited to see more.  There’s also a close to 10 minute video over on the site. If you can make it the entire ten minutes without exploding in your pants first, I salute you.

As always, if you wanna see more of YesBoobs, just click here, or you can click Sarah’s boobs on the bottom right.

‘Til later,

Bewbie presents: Waking Up with Leanne Crow

For all of you out there that dream of waking up next to Leanne Crow,  allow her website to simulate that just for you… but don’t take my word for it!


Hey guys and welcome to new good stuff! I am happy to give you the first set of photos from that shoot… of me waking up! LOL… This is pretty much how it is for me in the morning so excuse me while I lounge a bit and try to get the blood pumping.



To see more Leanne, click here

Curves Aplenty: Our Interview with Annie Aplenty!

Happy Titty Tuesday everyone! What a better way to bring in Titty Tuesday than to feature Annie Aplenty.  About three weeks ago, I had a friend on twitter tell me about Annie, and from that moment on I was heavily hooked on Annie! Annie’s twitter feed is a little bit of everything. From humor to her clips, I think you’ll enjoy her very much. Enough talk though. Let’s get to her interview!


BB: Annie Aplenty, you sure do have plenty! What is your bra size?

AA: Well I wear 38 DD most days for the awesome cleavage & push-up support but my proper size is about 40 E!

BBWhen did you start to develop? Was it all at once, or was it over time?

AA: I felt like it took forever (I really wanted boobies lol) but realistically it happened when I was about 11ish & by the time I was in Jr high I had the biggest boobs out of all my friends! So quickly..

unnamed (3)

BBHow long have you been modeling?

AA: I got into it a few years ago but was only doing it very part time, (under A different name) then had an injury that put me out for about a year and now I’m back (with a scar) but to stay!!

BBWhat’s your long term goal? Anything besides camming?

AA: I love to travel so if I can maybe do some traveling to meet other models & do shoots with them & for different sites etc etc.. 👍🏼 Just do things as the opportunities come to me, I am not trying to get super famous by any means but I’d still like to do some modelling/porn before I’m too old to do it lol!!



BBWhat’s a normal day like for you?

AA: Well having Daphne is like having a child so HECTIC lately!! Lol Daphne is my dog btw u can see her on my Twitter!! 😍  Otherwise, normal stuff, smoke weed, run errands, go to the dog park, go for coffee/lunch with friends, clean my house, tan, nap, watch TV, shop, smoke weed & of course cam/make vid clips of myself masturbating!

BBName a hobby people wouldn’t think you’d have?

AA: I can crochet but haven’t done it in awhile! I’ve made a couple awesome throws! But I can’t seem to master reading patterns so ALL i have done is throws/blankets basically big squares Lol. I love animals… Going to the zoo with a picnic lunch is great fun to me!! (I have an annual pass to the local zoo) lol

unnamed (5)

BB: Describe your thought process behind ideas for clips:

AA: I do what I like… I do what I see is selling the most… Within reason… Lol. I have an ongoing list of things I want to do! Solo & with others!!

BB:  Anyone you’re looking forward to working with?

AA: Yes, I can’t wait to meet other camming/porn models like Sinful Celeste, Nikki Wilder and hopefully many many more!!  Also has been showing interest in me and I’m SUPER excited about that!!

unnamed (6)

BB: What’s your favorite candy?


  • peanut m&ms
  • Gummy anything….
  • Jolly rancher soft sour bites!!
  • Mmmm candy… I’ll eat pretty much anything that doesn’t taste like black liquorice BLEK!!!!


*editors note: co-sign on black liquorice. I’m sure it’s what the devil’s sperm tastes like.*


unnamed (1)

BB: Any upcoming things you’d care to announce to us?

AA:  Well i am currently trying to get my ass to Cali to visit the amazing Sinful Celeste July/August  but without the funding from fans it’ll have to be postponed until next summer!! 🙁

Also maybe possibly something coming up at the beginning of June… But that isn’t set in stone yet so we will see!!  😉
BBHow can new fans reach you?
BB: Alright, our last question comes from Samanta Lily. She wanted to know  How do the people around you react when they see you in tight t-shirt?
AA:  I usually try and minimize the look of my boobs in public because I DO get a lot of stares!! One time a guy on a bike slammed into a Bike rack, that was pretty funny!!

Thanks for being awesome, Annie! 🙂
  unnamed (4)

Peyton Thomas Shines, Get Tits Covered in Latest Scene for Plumper Pass



Today, Plumper Pass released blog friend and twitter follower Peyton Thomas’ latest scene, titled “Neighborly Love”.  It is Peyton’s second Plumper Pass scene, and her first BBC scene. Alongside Peyton is Asante.

Despite a few editorial mistakes (at least on the MP4 version I watched) , the scene was very well thought out. Peyton and Asante have good on screen chemistry. Peyton really steals the show from the beginning, in her low cut purple top.  With each scene or photoshoot Peyton gets better and better. Her confidence oozes in every movement she makes on screen. She has shot for two of the best companies for BBWs more than once. Her maturity makes her seem much older than 18, and the way she handled Asante shows her sexual prowess is more than someone of 18 years old. All in all, I’d give the scene a 4 out of 5.

Peyton recently announced that she’ll be working with Plumper Pass again on May 12th and will be showing a few BTS things on her Twitter,  so stay tuned for that. Peyton is also in line for an interview, so that’ll be posted soon too.


Thanks for reading!

Marley Brinx for Manojob!

Today we start affiliate marketing with the Fabulous Cash group of sites. And who better to christen our sail than Marley Brinx!


Marley Brinx might be the hottest girl to jump a bus to Porn Valley since…who? I dunno! She’s that hot! But I’ve always been a sucker for big-titted brunettes. Marley’s a cam-girl, and she hails from The Great White North — Canada. Specifically Toronto. Today, she’s Nurse Brinx, and she’s here to collect your sample. She knows all about your history with Nurse Pax and Nurse Shevon, and that’s OK. Even though she’s coming off as a “professional”, you know, deep down, she wants it. Just hold off til she can get her sample cup! LOL. Yea…right.



To see more of Marley Binx, Click Here!

Going for the Peak(s): Our Interview with Anna Bell Peaks

Another day, another quality interview! This one is with Pornstar/Cam Girl Anna Bell Peaks.

A little of a back story behind how I found out about Anna. In January, I was just surfing twitter per usual late at night. One of my followers told me to check out the profile of  a model who cammed on MFC. I can’t remember her original twitter name for the life of me now, but she’s on here there today as @AnnaBellPeaksXX. Anyway, a few weeks went by and I was finally able to see her live on MFC. I swear on this blog, that it was one of the greatest shows I have ever seen. She has a very good work ethic, which we get into in the interview.  She has since made her porn debuts with a few companies, including BangBros. So without further ado, here’s our interview with the always entertaining Anna Bell Peaks.


BB: So Anna, what is your bra size at current?

AP: 32G 🙂

BBHow long ago did you decide that you wanted to do modeling?

AP:  Well I guess December 2014 when I was approached by many people telling me to do it!

BB I have seen more than a few cam girls say that they never wanted to go into the industry, or if they did movies it would only be with their significant other. How did you make the decision to go at it full tilt?
AP: I love sex! Hehe. I know it seems like a big leap to some, to go from cam to full time sex on screen, but it wasn’t a big jump for me. Plus, more fans from any facet of the industry equals more opportunity to reach people with my work!
BBI know you have worked for some big name companies already. Who has been your favorite?
AP: OMG soooooo hard to choose! Everyone is fantastic! I loved working with bangbros and Brazzers and naughty America! But everyone is so so so great and the TALENT! Haven’t had a bad scene when it comes to the men who I “work” with  🙂
BB:  Back to camming for a moment. How much fun is it for you? Sitting in on one of your shows recently, I noticed you’re very interactive with the crowd.
AP:  I love camming. I get to know guys, I love the sexual banter we share and one of my favorite things to do is my random titty flashing for my friends! I mean if you aren’t having fun AND have a hard-on in my room, I’m doing something wrong!
BB: Any plans for your own website? That seems like the next logical step.
AP: In the works 🙂 when I have time….
BBWhen you’re not making clips, camming or filming, what is a normal day like for Anna Bell Peaks?
AP:  Haha… Wait are you talking about when I’m asleep???! When I take time off I’m busy being normal, you know grabbing groceries, dishes, laundry, taking care of my family and 3 dogs and 2 cats. I LOVE rock climbing and riding my Harley, and swear I don’t do either of them enough lol
BBThis is the first time I’ve ever asked this question. You get to make a scene from scratch. Who would you want directing it and who would you want to be your co-stars?
AP: Mmmmmmmm. Brazzers directs cause they make the best scenes with story lines and props. It would DEFINATELY have at least two male talents but not opposed to let’s say 4 or 5 hotties…. 😀 and throw in a girl with big tits for me to fondle and put my mouth on and I’m a HAPPY HAPPY woman! Talents…. Johnny Castle, Preston Parker, Mike Adriano, Chad White, Zandor Corvus…. Wait how may guys did I say I wanted again? 😉 Suddenly I’m distracted by the thought….
*editors note: um, can someone make that above scene happen cause.. damn.*
BBAny type of scene you haven’t filmed yet, but hope to do so in the future?
AP: Bbg would be fun, I am not opposed to handling two men and enjoying them both!
BB:  What’s next for you? Any cool things you can divulge on?
AP:  More scenes, more sex…I’d love to be the next great pornstar but that’s really all up to YOU and the viewers of porn now isn’t it 🙂
BB:  How can new fans reach out to you on social media?
@annabellpeaksxx on Twitter

AnnaBellPeaks on Instagram
I’m on Dreamlover, and you can purchase my snapchat ID when you watch me on MFC



Anna talked about becoming the next great pornstar. I’m under the belief she just might be next in line. Bubbly personality, down to earth and a high sex drive. Happy to call myself a fan of Anna, and I hope to see a lot more of her in the future. She’ll be shooting a fan sign over soon, so watch out for that update!


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