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Cher Azur

Official Website of Cher Azur The Goth Dream Girl

Bella Brewer Debuts for PinupFiles

Pinup Files debuted a new model a few days ago in Bella Brewer.

But Bella is fairly well known to some of us around twitter. At one point she was known as Bella Roux. But since then, things have changed. Big time.

If I remember correctly, at one point Bella was a non-nude model. She seemed more on the non-nude/tease spectrum of things, at least. Any time we spoke, she has been and always will be very cordial and she replies to her fans a lot. Which is good. Her appearance over at PF will send shockwaves from coast to coast. I’m excited to see what’s next for Bella and Pinup Files. It’s always good to see someone I know or have talked to on twitter go on to succeed in what they want to do. Whether or not Bella decides to keep up with nude modeling is up to her, and I for one hope she decides to do so. She’s already stated that hardcore porn is NOT in her future, so no sense in trying to push someone to do something she doesn’t want to do.

I’m also happy that PinupFiles was able to land a girl like Bella. We know they’re famous for Leanne, Sam, Tessa, Antonella, Monica, etc. All girls we know on a first name basis. I feel like we will get to that point with Bella if we’re not already there.

Busty Mara Finally Sucks and Fucks a Dick

Busty Mara, aka WinkingDaisys just released to the masses a new clip, and it’s like nothing she’s released ever before.

It’s not a solo clip. It’s not a mostly boob play clip. It’s not a giantess clip.

It’s a boy/girl clip.

It’s a Mara vs a Big Black Cock clip.

A few days ago on twitter, Mara posted about a 10 second clip that was mostly blurred out. It was previewing her snapchat and what was going on. Ever the interested party, I wanted to check it out. I paid up my monthly fee ($30, which pretty much breaks down to $1 a day), and got to ask what was going on.

From what I saw, I had to do a double take.

And the $29.99 for the clip is worth the price of admission. Watching Mara try to conquer that huge cock was very much worth it. She gagged on it as she tried to deep throat it! I give her a lot of credit though because she got it pretty far. Of course there was titty fucking. Mara’s massive tits may have been the only thing bigger than his cock, and wrapped in between her tits, it looked smaller. Clip finishes with a load on her boobs. 15 mins of bliss.

Of course I know there are gonna be casual readers and fans of hers that ask why she did this now, and why with a black person, and I’m here with an exclusive to this site answer:


Honestly to me, the skin color involved is a non-issue and if Mara is happy doing it, why should we complain? I always see on twitter people asking her for B/G content and for the most part they get shut down. Now when she offers it and it’s not with who/what you like, there’s a big hooplah about it.  Mara will continue to do what she wants when she wants and you’re not gonna keep her from that. If you’re a Mara fan, this feels like history in the making so just enjoy it. After all, it’s here for you to fap to.

Get it here and here.

Introducing YellaDior: Curves You Have To See to Believe

As you know, i’m always on the prowl looking for the best boobs to share with you guys and girls. I scour some of the best snapchats and IG’s around and when I find something I really like, I do a little research and see what I can find out. Well today’s find is probably the most epic find in a long damn time. At least for me she is. May I present to you, Yelladior:

Absolutely EPIC 44N cup breasts. As of current, one of the only social networking site she’s on is Snapchat and lucky for you, she does offer a premium. She will from time to time post teaser clips of things that have happened on premium, which include a pretty epic handbra in which it looks like she can barely contain the massiveness of her cleavage. VERY stacked is the best way to describe her. On Titty Tuesday she does offer personal pics that are yours to keep, 2 for $10. The premium snapchat is $25 a month through the payment app of her choice (it was SC at one point, but she’s currently searching for another place) and she has other offerings that she will post from time to time for you to take advantage of.

In speaking with her, I did tell her about other social networking sites like OnlyFans so maybe we will see her there sometime soon. If she does join, you guys will be the first to know. You can also follow her on IG at yelladior_. She has no plans on doing porn, so I wouldn’t even ask her that question. You’ll probably get blocked.

It’s free to follow her @tioshiamone on snapchat, and she will follow you back as a courtesy. So what are you waiting for? Jump at this opportunity to see a new busty legend out there!

On Display with Kezia Slater

To date, I’ve written close to fifty articles and interviews, and to my knowledge, today’s may be a first.

We have our first exhibitionist.

Honestly, I didn’t think I was into porn of this type. As I’ve learned over the last 2 1/2 years, I really don’t know what I’m into anymore. It changes while some favorites stay the same.

But to begin, let me give you a backstory on where I first saw Kezia.

It seems nowadays that everyone and their mother has Periscope. We’ve flirted with using Periscope for a time (no one ever showed up), and most people in the sex work industry have as well. We’ve all mostly ran into the same issue: we get deleted or TOS’d. Kezia was no different. But this where the story began.

Kezia was prepping for a camshow, and hopped on periscope. She had her music blasting, and she was smoking. She decided to do a bong hit while topless, which is pretty high on the “periscope’s gonna delete you” meter. I felt like she didn’t give a fuck, and later I found out it was exactly what got her kicked off. She gained a fan that night.

Months went by, and I found out she was on manyvids and twitter. What I wasn’t prepared for was the mass amount of quality videos I found on her page. She had everything there. From Boy/Girl content to solo stuff outside. It was incredible. I happened across what I now deem my favorite video, “Exhibitionist Slut Sucks Dildo at School.” This wasn’t your run of the mill, pull out a small dildo at school, video. Kezia pulled out the big toys.

As you can see, it’s a public restroom. She doesn’t say if anyone else is in the restroom during the video, but one could believe at anytime she could have been caught. But for Kezia, she doesn’t care nor mind. The only issue it may create is when she tries to create porn with other people. “It’s stressed out a lot of guys I’ve tried making b/g content with because they think it’s all staged. Like most porn.” she says.

As far as getting caught, she explained her process in depth: “I just try to be smart, don’t look so lost and act quick. And trust my gut. I’ve hesitated before and had people walk back and forth a few times. For example those on a public bus fucking vids. I’ve actually had a few requests for that. And I’ve thought about a mile high club video. In October I’ll be on an overnight flight with a guy and I can see something happening there. But you gotta be smart. And pick the right location. Somewhere people are but won’t look or pay attention to details. So around cars are helpful cause double looking in cars is difficult but you’re definitely seen. Which I love.”

She was surprised to see that she got almost no feedback on the public dildo sucking videos, even though she felt they were amazing: “I received 0 feedback about those vids and thought it wasn’t hitting anyone’s kink. When in my mind I’m like fuck yeah slutty girl sucking on dildo in public.” This is the actual clip that sold me on her content. When I saw how huge of a toy she used, I was for certain then that she wasn’t playing around.

She’s also done an outside video with the dildo as well. She’s even filmed vids when she’s out on camping trips. Most videos include nudity, titfucking… you name it, Kezia probably has done it on her channel so far.
She’s also stripped at work… while people were in the boardroom.
And one of my personal favorites? She’s not afraid to cum at work. I wish I could share the goodies on this one, but you should buy the clip! Priced well and you will cum along with Kezia. Promise.

Kezia’s lack of giving a fuck can be credited to one thing, a sex addiction. In fact, it’s what helped get her into porn. “I got interested in making porn cause I’m a sex addict who couldn’t stop masturbating 4-7 times a day anyway. I wanted an outlet” she said. “And I was in a relationship. I started talking to guys on the side like sexting, just as an outlet. I didn’t give a fuck who they were. But my BF caught me, we talked it out, and I told him I felt extra sexual and needed an outlet. We talked about camming and was in the process of moving, so once we moved I started camming and loved it. Especially private and group shows. Being on display for people.”

Kezia has a lot of love for the outdoors. Her twitter feed is filled with photos from camping trips and research trips, as she is a biologist and museum studies major. As I mentioned earlier there are a few videos on her manyvids channel that showcase her nude outside. “I actually prefer shooting in nature. That natural lighting, fresh air, openness. It’s soothing and makes me way more wet and cum harder than indoors believe it or not.” she says, “I’ve been caught outdoors so much and just ran away” she laughed.
As for if she’ll ever make the leap to mainstream porn, it’s unlikely. “Mainstream porn doesn’t want me,” she said, “And I never even thought of that. I’ll leave that up to the professionals. I’m just a dorky sex addict wanting to get off in front of people.”
This is all just beginning for her, and she knows that she can do a lot better as far as her quality. She recently announced that custom videos are on hold until August, so that she can do better with her techniques in shooting. “I have to improve the quality of my work. And my branding and all that business stuff. I just have to change with the times and learn everything again.” she said.
Kezia is a eclectic mix of sexy, smart and wild. It also helps that she doesn’t really give a fuck where and when she has sex, or who it’s in front of. She knows her calculated risks and she weighs them out. She’s a very bright person and has the skills to succeed wherever her life lands her, be it in porn or doing more to help save our world.
You can follow her on twitter at @kezia420_
And visit her on manyvids.
We thank Kezia for her time and just for being so open with us! We also thank her for permission to gif out a few of her videos.  Stay tuned for more.

Kyra Kane’s Discount Deals Are On!

Friend of the family and one of the co-hosts on the new podcast SexWork BB, Kyra Kane is currently running a few deals to help her reach her goals this month. She is offering custom videos, and whatever you guys can work out with her. If you’re not familiar with Kyra, she is attempting to do 600 videos this year. 600 isn’t a typo, it’s a goal of hers. They’re not just standard clips, they’re assorted genres from Boy/Girl, to Solo to my personal favorite, Big Loads.

Here’s a gif of Kyra’s talents on display.

You can follow Kyra on twitter @kyrakanemfc, and you can also help out by buying clips over at Wanna see her cam?

Plenty of Kyra to go around!

A Few Minutes with Poetry

Two posts in one day? That’s gotta be a record around here.

Anyway, we’re back with more Poetry. We’re not talking, sonnets, haikus, etc.. We’re talking Poetry Travis. Earlier this morning we posted a blog stating that Poetry is making her return to social media. And with that return, she was nice enough to answer a few questions to get to know her better. Here’s a small peek into the life of Poetry, including some things from her you probably wouldn’t expect to read or hear.

BB: When you first started out modeling, did you ever believe things would go this crazy?

Poetry: Never… I had some Awesome experiences with my photo shoots.

BB: We know you’re not shy about showing your curves. But when did you feel confident enough to do nudity?

P: I’m a Professional Photographer. And I know how it feels for a Woman to embrace her body and Feel Beautiful, Elegant, And Sexy. When she’s actually insecure and don’t look the part. It was the worse feeling in the world. But I pushed past my insecurities and Took a step forward. And now i see how beautiful I am. And it’s special towards me.

BB: I feel that. How long have you done photography?

P: Since 2011.

BB: Awesome. So who is Poetry Travis outside of modeling? What do you do for fun or on off days?

BB: What’s something that someone would be surprised to know about you?
P: I went to Bible College. And was a Minister for over 10 years.
We thank Poetry for taking the time out of her busy schedule to help us out with this interview! We’ll hopefully have more with her soon.

Poetry Travis Returns to Social Media

After deleting her instagram page, Poetry Travis has returned… to Twitter.

If you’re not familiar with Poetry, she’s gained popularity over the past few years for her curves… her great curves. She hasn’t been afraid to show them off, but the times she has have been few and far between. With good reason. Poetry’s boobs are what we would call, well, massive. And they’re massive on a slim frame. Her ass is great too.

Earlier this year, she started her own nude and boudoir photo site, a membership site where you’ll see exclusive photos and be up close with the mega boobed wonder. But before you start soliciting her ideas for porn or hardcore actions, she wants you to know the site will NOT be used for that, nor the custom content that she is offering to make for fans.

For those interested in joining her site, it’s 

And for those interested in custom content, email her at


One of this Summer’s Hottest Free Agents Might Just Be Jasmine Summers

In sports, other than the actual season itself, free agency is always fun to watch. You can see your favorite players join or leave your team.

But in porn, free agency is a little different. Most, but not all mainstream porn stars have a management company backing them. Bobbi Dylan is just one of a few names that come to mind when you think of a free agent.

On June 22nd, after a few days of  deliberating whether or not to leave the industry, Jasmine Summers announced on twitter that she decided to become a self booker.


There’s a lot that goes into self booking. As Jasmine admitted in the above tweet, you kind of have to know some people or be good with some companies to even scratch the surface with getting gigs. It’s the equivalent of representing yourself in court. But like all things in life, there’s a 50% chance that this goes right.

And today, we’re gonna help it go right.

Jasmine is so versatile in the industry. She’s one of maybe a few porn stars out there that is “straight for pay”. As she’s stated many times on twitter, she is a lesbian. But that hasn’t stopped her from conquering some of the biggest cocks in the industry.

She’s currently available in LA for the following types of shoots: GG, BG, BGG, VERY FIRST CREAMPIE AND IR, solo, orgy (here’s looking at you for two of the last three, Dogfart…)

Jasmine is a wonderful porn star, and even better person outside of the industry. Always willing to listen and always great to her fans. It’s time that we, as her fans, start paying it forward and helping her to succeed! We almost watched her walk away from this too early, and it’s our job to make sure we keep a bright star in her rightful place in the sky.

We’re Creating Some Original Content with Ruby Hills and Here’s How You Can Help!

Hey everyone!

I know we’ve been gone for quite a while, a few months actually.  Sorry for the absence. My personal life took a big turn (you’ll know what’s going on if you follow me on twitter!) and I haven’t really had the get up and go to write articles or reviews. It sucks because I do owe quite a few reviews to some great people (Here’s looking at you and your patience, Vanya!) and I’ll have them up soon.

I come bearing some huge news! I’ve been talking back and forth on twitter with up and coming MILF model Ruby Hills. It turns out we don’t live too far away from each other, and we’ve decided to come together on a little project! She has some shoots lined up with some major names, so she’s someone you’ll be seeing a lot of in the near future around social media for quite a few sites.

Now there are a few hurdles we are more than likely going to need to jump to make this happen. And with your help, we can make this amazing. Below I will explain what we need, and what will happen with each goal we hit.

Supplies needed:

  • Hotel or room to film in

As of current, rates look pretty low during the week. So this may not be too big of a hassle for me to take care of on my own. If you know of any deals, or have a place we can borrow in the area (contact me for the area), let me know and we’ll reward you pretty handsomely. As far as my plan goes, we’d only be using it for a few hours at most. Not too much of an extended stay.

  • Rental Car

This is actually another thing that I might be able to work out on my own, but any money towards it would help! In my case, I have a ’94 Civic that’s pushing nearly 265,000 miles. I am quite sure it could probably make the almost 1 1/2 hour drive, but I’d rather not tempt fate with it.

  • Lingerie off of Ruby’s wishlist

Ruby has an Amazon wish list set up with lots of lingerie outfits that she picked out prior to me contacting her. Even if you don’t donate for this cause, it would still be worth it your time to hook Ruby up for her future shoots.

  • Donations for supplies

As of right now I only plan to shoot solo stuff for Ruby. And while we’re gathering all these great ideas, we’re gonna need things like baby oil and other odds and ends to get through a shoot. I already have photo lights and things like that, but if anyone has any softly used equipment you can contact me and we can work something out.

All in all, I’d love to collect close to $1000. But anything will help.

I’ve been in love with photography since I was young. It’s something I’ve wanted to do in my life since I was in high school. I’ve had the honor of photographing some amazing moments in my life. But now I want to knock some stuff off of my bucket list, so to speak. One of those things is shooting/creating adult content. I’ve consistently said I’ve seen myself as a behind the scenes person more than in front of the camera. This will be no different. I have no plans to create any B/G content unless I’m behind the camera.

As far as what I want to accomplish with Ruby is helping her create her own content for her to sell in a clip store or out of her own storage. I’m not planning on charging much if anything for this, because I want the experience. I know the saying goes, “If you love what you do, never do it for free” but for me, I want to know that I can do this. You have to start somewhere. I may fail and fall flat on my face, but I can at least say I tried.

If you plan on donating, our tree is gonna go like this:

$5- One video and a photo set of your choice.

$20 – Two Videos and two photo sets of your choice

$50 – a signed autograph photo and worn panties from Ruby herself!

$100 and above- You’re the director! You tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen.

I’m gonna look into doing a kinkfunder so that just in case you donate and we don’t make goal that you get refunded your hard earned money. I’ll link it in another post when we set it up.



Exclusive Interview with DanniLynne

Our interview today is with the busty goddess DanniLynne.

If you’re not familiar with her, let us introduce her:

See more at

DanniLynne measures in at a astounding 34G. Most of her fans tend to believe she’s bigger, and she’s inclined to believe them. “My growth started when I was around 8 years old. They have always been with me. I used to be skinny but still carried around a DD cup. As i’ve gotten older, they’ve filled out.” she explained.

Danni has been in the industry for almost 3 years now. You may have seen her on Scoreland, Reality Kings, and ATK Exotics, just to name a few. She recently started her own site, which is powered by ModelCentro. “It all started in 2014 when I answered an ad. I always liked taking pictures and they were in need of busty women.”

It’s no doubt that Danni is very busty. Maybe close to some of the biggest natural boobs in the industry. But that doesn’t mean it is all good things for her. “The best part is the same as the worst part” she said. “The attention. Sometimes it’s good and when guys are respectful, it’s nice. It’s bad though, when people think that’s all you are. I write, I love art, I’m a good lady and a confidant. I’m much more than just huge boobs.”

She’s a self described woman with passion. Someone who is from off the beaten path but wants to see the world.

As much as sometimes Danni can seem conflicted about the power of her boobs, she did have one funny anecdote to tell. “One time a famous comedian tried to take me home,” she said, “I was there with one of his friends and he straight up tried to take me. It was hilarious. He told his friend ‘Oh man, I mean you understand, look at those titties.’ and then proceeded to ask me to go, right in front of everyone. I think he wanted a little more than just quiet conversation. I didn’t go with him, but it was one of the funniest comedians in the world so I was taken aback.”

When you get past her breasts, Danni is a really genuine and sweet person. I have first hand knowledge in that. When you treat her well, she will treat you well. As someone striking out on their own to make content she is really appreciative of gifts and donations from her fans. “I’m just a good lady from L.A., I try to be a mix of sweet but also real.” she explained.

She also understands why not all models can be that way.

“It’s a lot to deal with.” she said. “We are still people and having so many people come at you sexually each day is daunting. So I understand.  I’m not like that though, but if you offend me I just won’t respond. Why act ugly, you know?”

As she touched on, there is the daunting task of flaunting her sexuality each day but she seems to enjoy the power she has over her legions of followers.

“It’s fun. I try not to abuse the power, but I do need a sugar daddy…” she laughed.

I was curious as to if she had been approached by any companies lately, or if she was concentrating on her site for the time being. It’s obvious that she wants to see thrive before taking on anything new.

“Folks have offered to shoot me in new scenes, but for right now i’m taking care of my site.” however she did give a glimmer of hope to anyone looking to work with her. “If a company wants to offer me a contract, I would think about it.” she said. “I really want to cultivate my brand and fan base.”

Danni also knows there’s money to be made out there by cutting out the middleman. “I have a video with a million hits out there. If that were cash, it would come directly to me. I also like it that way..” she laughed.

I asked her if she had a favorite scene she’s shot for her site yet, and she’s really proud of her recent outdoor scenes. She’s shot her vids in some of the outside locales in California. She is also posed in her famous yoga jacket.

And no, she’s not wearing a bra.

According to Danni, there’s more where that came from.

“I really enjoyed the locations. It was good shooting outside for once. If you’ve looked at any of my other videos, they’re all filmed inside, and i’m always outside in real life so it felt good to shoot outside.” When I told her I half expected her to pop one of her boobs out of her top at that point in the video, she offered me a simple explanation. “Believe it or not, there were people around.” she laughed. “It was really just me and the camera man sneaking around the beach.”

She loved the spontaneousness of it all. She said she’s open to doing more of it, but she knows there it can be dangerous to do so. “You have to be careful when you’re busty” she told me, “Its not like having regular boobs. People touch and grab and lose their mind.”

In an upcoming video, Danni visited Rodeo Drive and did more flashing late at night. A lot of it in front of some famous stores. She sent over a teaser clip from that scene. “The cops drove past a few times, but I always had my top up when they did. I just have to be careful and selective of where I do it.”


Enjoy the clip!

Danni says she has a lot in store for her fans in 2017 and beyond. “Just believe it’s gonna be a great year. Stay tuned!”

We thank Danni for her time and these exclusive scenes! Of course you can join for $20 during her opening sale! Hop to it if you like busty content!


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